D-Link Router Is Blocking PS3 Online Gaming but Allows Playstation Store & Downloads?

I have a D-Link DI-624 Router. With PS3 wired or wireless I have the same problem. I can go to the Playstation Store and do downloads, but when I go to play a game online I get an error that an Ethernet cable is unplugged. I cannot play anything online. If I bypass the router and wire directly to the modem, everything works fine.

Problem is that my wife likes to get on the internet while I'm gaming.

Are there some setting I need to make on my router? Are there other routers with easier/automatic setup for allowing the ps3 to access online gaming?

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    You'll probably need to use port forwarding. The port to use can be found by going online and finding the help for a particular game - I don't have a PS3 and this may work for all games.

    You'll have to manually setup the PS3 with a fixed IP address, probably something like: (a high number is probably safest as it should prevent a duplicate IP on your network as your wife will get the first available address automatically...).

    For help for your router:

    http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwar... (this contains instructions for PC games but the steps will be the same).

    If this sounds too daunting then put the PS3 in the router's DMZ and you can ignore port forwarding - you will still need to give the PS3 a fixed IP to do this.

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    Does your modem have wireless and or more than 1 port for pc connections. Is the modem also a router? if so then ditch the D-Link DI-624 and use the modem on it's own.

    The problem would appear to be a firewall one as there is a firewall on your router which is now a discontinued product and probably one on your modem.

    Games sometimes require more than one port to be open for data transmission and it has to have the same ports open on both the router and the modem. If you can find and open the required ports in both the router and the modem firewall then things should be fine.

    I would highly recommend buying an all in one modem/router with wireless to simplify things. That way there is only one firewall and generally new modem/routers don't interfere with console gaming.

    I know it's not that very helpful but it's hard diagnosing a problem that's not infront of you.

    good luck

    Source(s): too many years of tearing my hair out with network administration rights
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    The only real disadvantages of downloading them are; the take up memory whereas games bought from shops do not, you cannot take the game to a friends house because it is only on your PS3, it takes a long time to download when you could play it straight away if you bought the game from a shop. The advantages are that; you can't really scratch the disc because there isn't one, it is usually cheaper when bought from the Playstation Store, and it saves a trip in the car or delivery costs when buying online. ...hope this helps!

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    to your last detail, i have no answer. sorry. but maybe yes. your wife probably must not go online when your gaming because it might distrupt the connection. or maybe its the connection or the router. try the router in another person's hse and see if it works. also, try another router on your line and see if it works. if it does, then its your router problem.

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  • 1 decade ago

    exact same problem

    took it back and bought a new one

    not the same brand though

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