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Egypt :How can I send a thank you e-mail to the president of Venezuela?

CNN:On Tuesday, Venezuela expelled Israel's ambassador to Caracas and accused Israel of attempting to carry out "genocide" against the Palestinian people

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Before: The Venezuela president ,threaten to close and expel all the European companies in his country , if the discrimination towards the Arab immigrants would continue.. Who is this Guy?


@Micheal: Are those the people who threaten you? (warning disturbing graphic image)


Update 2:

and Micheal, here is something for you as well:hat article is responding to Isreal lies, the report was not done by Palestinians, nor Arabs,,BUT by the united Nations,, who are the terrorists then.?? we have eyes , we have brains


U.N. 'sure' no militants at school hit by Israeli troops

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    God Bless Chavez. I work in a Latin American community and they ask me all the time why I like Chavez and I tell them because he is one of the only world leaders with the balls and the heart to stand up for Palestine. Imagine that a Venezuelan will support the Palestinians but Arab leaders in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Jordan, and the rest of the gulf nations wouldnt dare say a word lest they lose all that money they get from US taxpayers.

    You ever notice that if the US or Israel does not like a countries leader they destroy his name if not assasinate him. The majority of Venezuela loves Chavez but the US media chooses to point out and emphasize his opposition.

    By the way the UN came out today and stated that they are 99.9% sure there were no weapons at the school that was bombed.

    Have any of you seen the Father whos 3 kids were shot through the chest. Even the Norwegian doctor at the main Hospital has said that the majority of patients coming in are women and children.

    I have shed alot of tears throughout this conflict but despite everything that has happened I feel more optimistic than ever that Inshallah our people will have justice to the 100th degree. Israel will have its day and I pray to God that I am around to use my fists and to see it with my own eyes. Inshallah


  • hugo chavez this time made a very good decision and i congratulate him. i wish more countries would do the same.

    but, Zoser, in other things chavez can not exactly be called sane. and we should not forget that he wants to stay in power for life, a quality of dictators.




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    Hell, I say we pack up all our muslims and ship them to Venezuela! Let them implement sharia law there! Two problems solved! Kewl!

    I think Chavez should invite the Palestinians to go to his country and set up their new homeland.

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    chapeau Mr. chevez he always have a point of view but he also a revolution way any how find a good form to write a good letter and it must be signed by all of us and we can simply send it to any site like cnn or any other channel site

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    Maybe we should surround Venezuela with large countries who hate them and are actively trying to destroy them. Maybe should lob the occasional rocket into their population centers--say two or three times a week. Maybe the president of Venezuela has no real clue about what goes on 6550 miles away from his smug little country.

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    i'd do the same you were polite about it and expressed your view insha'Allah it'll make an impact :) and well done for actually *doing* something, most people would just sit back and complain about it

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    Mr. Hugo Chavez, I salute you!

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    Email him and tell him to come have a look at this question, and how we salute him!

    Give him this link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200901...

  • Chapeau!!

  • 1 decade ago


    i wish we can do the same...i am really dreaming of that!

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