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暱稱 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


1)Maiasaurs 中文名係咩?






因為我趕住係星期5 presentation呀.

please help me!

thank you very much!


答案唔好重覆,,thank you!

2 Answers

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    1) 慈母龙(學名Maiasaura)

    2) Maisasaura is a kind of Hadrosauridae, which is a kind of dinosaurs which consume plants (known as herbivores).

    3) Regarding to two, Maisasaura is a kind of Hadrosauridao, thus they wouldn't be able to fight well as the others like Tyrannosaurus did

    since they were just not made to really get in a fight. Therefore, their

    shortcoming were NO defense against predators.

    And with their merits sorry I don't know. However according to my knowledge in observing dinosaurs. When walking(running), their

    feet were in a convex-liked shape. Therefore, in physics, there had

    less gravitational force on their feet. Also, just because their weight when running were focussed on their toes, they could leap off more

    efficiently, thus run more faster.

    Source(s): wikipedia my-own-knowledge
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  • 1 decade ago
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