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請問:marginal at best 是什麼意思

請問marginal at best 是指還不夠好還是很好呢?


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    請問marginal at best 是指還不夠好還是很好呢?

    謝謝大家 = 不夠好 or barely passed like 60/100 or 61/100.

    The phrase marginal at best means =Just passed or to a level where it is acceptable but not very good.

    e.g A:Mary how did you go in your english test? Do you think you will pass?

    B: Well John, it was quite hard so i would say marginal at best so probably 60/100.

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    請問marginal at best 是指還不夠好還是很好呢?

    Marginal at best =不夠好 or barely pass like 60/100 or 61/100.

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    你好: marginal at best 是指不夠好:

    這句片語的英語字意為: 效果/結果只有一點點 (only a little effect at the most),希望這對你有所幫助!

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    most is broken,sometimes is that's meaning不夠好not good enough .it's on the :my husband is an american.that's his answer.希望有幫到忙my name is doris.nice to meet you.

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