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“This thing the cellist was playing would stay with him, he knew, and waited for the musician to finish to congratulate him and ask him what it is. The cellist gave the instrument a spin and opened the back of the case, taking out a black case. “Song without Words”, he read off the tape…”


出至於 Eric Wright 的 Final Cut

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    這個是出至於Eric Wright的一本書

    Final Cut... 非常有名的一個譬喻

    以下是這段的解釋 如果你要寫文章 這樣寫就對了

    I chose this passage because it was a neatly planned passage which the author must of put a lot of effort into writing. Although it seemed to be an ordinary scene where the main character is trying to solve the case and by occasion, comes across an ordinary event, it had a deeper meaning to it. In the previous events, Charlie Salter is investigating a case that deals with a suspect of great intelligence. The words “Song without Words” from the passage is significant because in a way, it refers to the suspect’s way of action, like a “Crime without evidence”.

    I think the other neat part is that it that in the passage, it repeats the word “case” twice, and each time there is a certain adjective or description in front of the word. The first “case” has “the back of” in front of it, which I think hints that the answer Charlie Salter is looking for is not just the evidence and figures that appear in front of him, but “behind” him, in places he normally does not see. Because black represents mysterious, unspecified, cold, or even motionless. The second “case” follows the word “black” may be hinting that the case is like an endless hole of darkness, with the answer deep down into the middle of nowhere.


    2009-01-07 08:40:51 補充:

    I think the author was very smart to conclude the passage. It implies to the readers that the case will be difficult and Charlie Salter may have a hard time solving it.

    2009-01-07 08:41:18 補充:

    It also has the effect of taking the reader closer to the character because after reading the passage, it makes us think what evidence or information the character had missed in the previous events, and once we have the thought of looking deeper,

    2009-01-07 08:41:23 補充:

    the book continues with Charlie Salter going back to all the evidence he had. So I think that this passage is not only significant for hinting to the readers certain information, but also making a connection with the characters and events that have happened until now.

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