How do you say thank you it was delicious in Korean?

I eat lunch at a Korean/Japanese restaurant quite often and it would be nice to thank them in their own language.

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    You CaN SaY:>:+

    BeFoRe eaTiNG:>



    < Bon appetit. >

    aFTeR eaTiNG:>



    < I ate well. >

    잘 먹었습니다, 감사합니다.

    jal meo-geot-sseum-ni-da, gam-sa-ham-ni-da.

    < I'm satisfied, thank you. >

    식사를 잘 먹었다.

    sik-ssa-reul jal meo-geot-tta.

    < I enjoyed my meal. >

    식사를 아주 맛있게 먹었습니다.

    sik-ssa-reul a-ju ma-sit-kke meo-geot-sseum-ni-da.

    < I enjoyed the meal/food very much. >

    아주 맛있었어요.

    a-ju ma-si-sseo-sseo-yo.

    < It was delicious. >


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    This Site Might Help You.


    How do you say thank you it was delicious in Korean?

    I eat lunch at a Korean/Japanese restaurant quite often and it would be nice to thank them in their own language.

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    How Do You Spell Delicious

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    It Was Delicious

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    glad you like bi bim bab.. Actually making bi bim bab is not easy for people who don't eat korea meals often, because usually korean make and eat bi bim bab(which directly means" mixed rice" in Korean) when they have too much left over food or they don't have appetite. Anyway the best simple way that I can offer you is to First, go to Korean grocery store and buy hot pepper paste(gochujang), several kinds of already -made namul(usually boiled in hot water for a several minutes or seconds or not(it depends,,it will be, and it actually is very hard cooking to make them, so I recommend you to buy them which are already made and ready to serve ones.)and mixed with soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame, hot pepper powder, hot pepper paste, and vegetables like spinach, bean sprouts, squash, cucumber and etc. you can make them too)and chamgirum(oil). Put them into a bowl with steamed rice,a fried egg and fried(?) ground meat if you want. Second, if you are fish person,, buy gochujang, chamgirum, many kinds of vegetables(fresh) like for salads, and canned tuna(you can also find a variety kinds of them in the Korean grocery store) , then mix them with steamed rice. sometimes Korean people put Kim chi in their bi bim bob with bulgogie(same as Terriyaki) uhh... i wish i could show you!!!! Have a great meal!!

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    감사합니다. 맛있어요!

    Kam-sam-ham-ni-da. Mah-sheet-suh-yoh!

    Literal translation: Thank you (extremely polite). Food taste exist.

    Edit: Yes, faye's answer is the most correct given your situation. I translated your phrase in the most literal sense. Most Koreans would say 잘 먹었습니다 (jal-meogeosseumnida).

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    thank you formally

    감사합니다 Gam-sa-hab-ni-da

    it was tasty/delicious

    맛있었어요 Ma-ssit-ssot-sso-yo (double s means make it sound more sssssss)

    Most Koreans just say 잘 먹었습니다 Jal-mog-ot-sseb-ni-da which means I ate well

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    In this situation, Koreans usually just say

    "잘 먹었습니다" - "jal meogeosseumnida"

    where 'eo' sounds like the 'o' in "ought", and "eu" is pronounced like the sound between "s" and "m" in "spasm"

    This literally just means "I ate well", but it has the overall meaning of what you asked or "Thank you for the wonderful meal". You can try it. It will sound so natural if you say it to them.

    They usually will just respond to you with "네", which literally means "yes". But again, it actually means they acknowledged what you said or it can already also mean "You're welcome."


    If you wanna know what "delicious" and "thank you" are in Korean, the above answers are right.

    delicious: "맛있다" - mashittda

    - you can say either just that, or "맛있어요" (mashisseoyo), which already both mean "It's delicious."

    thank you: "감사합니다" (kamsahamnida) or "고맙습니다" (komapseumnida)

    But given your situation, I think the most appropriate (and natural) expression would be the first one I gave. Hope I helped.

    Good luck!

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    fruit grows on forest or vines and fruit and vegetables grow in the land.

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    Normally i would just say fruit, but i think both. I really like the sugariness of the fruits but i love the piquancy and kick the produce bring

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    pizza=피자 pronounced pee-jah delicious= 맛있는 maht-it-noon delivery= 배달 beh-dahl thanks= 감사합니다 gam-sah-hab-nee-dah haha that's the best i could translate, but stuff like delicious kinda changes depending on the context. hope i helped.

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