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open files with extension .sxw?

I have recently downloaded OpenOffice Portable 3.0 onto my computer which runs Windows Vista. I typed up a document for the first time using this software. I named it with an extension .sxw

But, I cannot open the file.

Could someone please tell me how to open it?


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    Why did you choose to use an ".sxw" file extension? That extension, as described below, is for sharing with users of Star Office. OOo should be able to re-open it, unless the file is damaged.

    The Default file extension in OOo is ".odt" and you could also save the file as an ".doc" for MS-Word, or ".rtf" to share with anyone. PDF is another good option.

    TIP: Open OOo Writer, and click on the Help Files to learn more about file types.

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    try openoffice, open it and then save as doc

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