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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 decade ago

Is Spanish or Italian Easier to Learn?

If English is your native language. I take Italian, but most people at my school take Spanish. I'm just wondering who has it harder, lol.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Italian is A BIT harder.

    First of all:

    people who choose spanish as second/third language are more than people who choose italian, so dudes saying to you spanish is harder - without knowing italian, anyway - are way more numerous than the other ones.


    Italian is more difficult than spanish because:

    - spanish writing system is a bit more phonetic than Italian one;

    - spanish doesn't have particles like "ci" and "ne", while italian has got them;

    - in past tenses, spanish have an only ausiliar, italian - like french - two: "avere" and "essere", so you have to know which verb uses in "passato prossimo" : wich verbes requires "avere", and which ones "essere";

    - italian compounds verbes:

    Suggerire = "to Suggest"

    Suggerirlo/la = "to Suggest it"

    Suggerirmi = "to Suggest me"

    SuggerirmElo/la = "to Suggest it to me"

    Suggerisci a me = "Suggest it to me only"

    Suggeriscimi = "Suggest it to me";

    - to make plurals in spanish GENERALLY you have to put an "s" at the end of the word. Italian requires more attention;

    - stressed vowel in spanish are shown, in italian not.

    Anyway, no matter wich one is harder/easier: both are lovely languages, as french and portuguese/brasilian too! :D

    Spanish is harder in pronunciation of "j", "ll", "ñ", "g", "r";

    Italian has only 3 difficult phonemes for foreign people: "r", "gl", "gn".

    Source(s): French would be difficult as Italian and Spanish. In speaking conversation maybe it's easier (in french you can know the subject even if you don't remember the ending, because people always pronounce it "je suis Allemand", "je suis en train d'aller à l'école", while in Italian and Spanish you have to learn ending, coz they don't use to pronounce subject as often as French and English people do). French orthography, though, has never been changed, so today it has a lot of obsolete letters.
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    Easier In Spanish

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    Learning Italian Like Crazy?

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    Is Spanish or Italian Easier to Learn?

    If English is your native language. I take Italian, but most people at my school take Spanish. I'm just wondering who has it harder, lol.

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    My parents speak both English and Spanish but went to school at night for two years to learn Italian. They said that learning to speak Italian wasn't that difficult. You will have a much better opportunity to learn and practice Spanish. Not nearly as much opportunity with the Itatian. My parents even subscribed to the Itatian Readers Digest Mag. in order to practice that much more. They loved learning Itatian though. Went to visit Italy three times for a month each visit. Good Luck.

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    Hi! I'm Italian living in Italy. I'm attending to High School. As 2nd language I study English and as 3rd language I study Spanish... for me studing Spanish is easier because Italian and Spanish have a similar grammar, but both 2 are not very easy... Either Italian or Spanish are beautiful languages and there aren't difference in the difficoulty...

  • *XoXo*
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    Italian and Spanish are both romance languages. If your first language is English is going to be harder GETTING USED to a romance language since you grew up with a germanic language. However, it depends on your ability to learn, conjugate, use of tenses, articles (specially if you are open to learning female and male articles) and remembering all the information that is given to you. Some will argue that spanish is easier than italian and vice versa. You have to take into account many of these people might have relatives, friends or are just gifted with the ability to learn languages. I say take a Beginners course and find out yourself. Either way, if you can learn one and decide to take the other later, you will benefit by learning the latter faster. I tried to learn Italian but due to lack of time, i was unable to proceed. However, the few things i learned were EASIER since i speak spanish.

    Source(s): Spanish native speaker who found English hard to learn and then became easier through practice (at the age of 10)
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    1 decade ago

    I think both languages are very similar. I'm a native spanish speaker. I haven't studied italian never but when i watch RAI TV somehow i'm able to understand some words. Portuguese is very similar too. All romance languages came from latin language in the ancient Rome. When you learn one romance language it's a lot easier to learn another. I learned some english and now i want to learn german (germanic languages). I think the most challenging language for romance or germanic speakers is japanese. Sorry that was not what you were asking but those are cool facts.


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