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Does anyone know what movie this quote is from?

"Just like my grandpa always used to say............."

I know it's an outdoor setting,

the actors are having breakfast,

and a man says it,

i just can't remember who.

It's not an old film either.

Perhaps somewhere around the 00s to now.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    "Alias Smith and Jones" (1971) {Don't Get Mad, Get Even (#2.21)}

    Jed 'Kid' Curry: Well, as Grandpa Curry used to say, "You show me a poor man and I'll show you a man ain't got any money."

    "Waltons, The" (1972) {The Deed (#1.20)}

    Narrator: [narration as John 'John Boy' Walton, Jr. reading from his journal] Waltons Mountain had been in our family since long before I was born. It was a mountain that gave of itself. We took trout from its swift streams, quail and venison from its high meadows and we took from it constantly the lumber and firewood which provided our family with income. My grandfather used to say that the land was alive, that, if you knew how to listen, you could hear its voice. But, at seventeen, I did more talking than listening. I remember one morning during the Depression hiking with Grandpa, searching for trees that were ready for harvesting.

    Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, The (1967)

    Arabella Flagg: Grandpa used to say that people are 98% water and if you don't stir them up once in awhile, they stagnate.

    Jade Mask, The (1945)

    Sheriff Mack: As my grandpa used to say: it's wonderful what doctors know. It's what they don't know that'll kill you.

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