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hooters restaurant.........?

the hooters restaurant.i've never been there. just wondering...

is that for single men?

would that be a weird place to go to eat with my boyfriend?

thanks for all your answers!

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    They have good food but there is a lot of female waitresses walking around with revealing uniforms. If you trust your guy then go for it.

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    4 years ago

    I really don't think that hooters will open in dubai. As you said, Dubai is an islamic country (even though a very liberal one). There are a lot of hookers all over the bars in Bur Dubai and that is somehow tolerated by the authorities but I really can't imagine that they will allow a hooters down there.

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    1 decade ago

    Is that the one in America?

    I know they have a Hooters Family Restaurant somewhere over there.

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    It can be intimadating. The women there range from playboyesque to rather ordinary. Mostly single guys in packs. Some families, with underage children there too, (they sell more food than alcohol) there are a lot of TV's. There is a counter which is manned by a very pretty employee and there is the merchandise sold behind that counter.

    Source(s): 15 meals at the Mall Of America Hooters.
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    Hi, Hooters is for anyone, even kids!!

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    Its for anyone! The waitresses do wear slightly revealing uniforms--they wear clothes just they are skimpy but otherwise its just a place to get food. I used to think it was gonna be trashy till I went. No big deal :)

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    Please, those girls are very basic! IDK what the fuss is all about...yeah, Hooters is a place for families, take the kids even, have fun! But you're SOL if you want to see any guys, they only guys are the cooks (usually mexican) & a couple of managers

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    Its for anyone. I went with a few of my girlfriends just to see what it was all about and it was ok. Its not the sleezy kinda place you would think it was.

  • Yes, it probably would be a wierd place for you to go. It's geared towards men.

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    No its for anybody! :)

    Go ahead and eat there with your boyfriend

    they have killer onion rings :p

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