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Need Leg Power for explosiveness and Speed in Football, advice for a routine?

Here is what ive got so far, its pretty bad.

Jump squats

- Until Failure


- 25.

- Rest 10 secs.

- 25.


- about 100 a day


- 3 sets of 15 reps each arm

Standing curls-

- 3 sets of 15 reps each arm

20 minute run

30 pushups

i REALLY need help, i am very motivated to become a better athlete. im doing football at my school and im playing summer league. i have about 4-5 months until summer league starts. Any advice appreciated.

I play Running Back.

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    ok, first of all, you have way too many curl movements for football. your going to need more triceps, since triceps make up 2/3 of your arm anywayz. do dips, bench press, pushups to help counter this. you need to do box jumps, find a box 2ft tall(or other steady platform) jump on and off, do 5xfailure. this will give you the explosivness and acceleration your wanting. do lunges, 5x25 holding 25Ibs. weights in each hand, make sure knee gets one inch from the ground, do 5x20. now, then your going to need to set apart a place to sprint about 40yards apart, go over and back at full speed, do this 5x with a 30sec rest in between. do 30sec rest between all your weight lifting sets too. then jump rope 5x100, then squats... 4x15. if your hardcore, then wear ankle weights during school, this will make your legs fill super light next time you practice, try wearing the weights 5hrs a day. good luck! this routine may lead you to the NFL one day if you do it right!

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    I would probably add in some deadlifts if you can get the right technique. And power cleans. Those are probably the two best lifts for power and explosiveness. And if you know what plyometrics is I would probably look into that area.

    Plyometrics has dramatically increased my power and explosivness in wrestling and I'm sure it will be able to be used in football as well.

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