Did christain die in nip tuck? what happ im confused?


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    no he didnt die. we found out that he has breast cancer tho.

    sean is the one that almost died... he was stabbed by a stalker lady named colleen. he didnt die tho... it just put him in a wheel chair

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  • Joely
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    No no, he took Liz to get a breast exam, then gets a breast exam himself, finds out he has stage two breast cancer.

    Sean got stabbed, maybe you are referring to him? because he didn't die, but he came close, but he ended up in a wheel chair, and the psycho ***** who stabbed him is dead now, Sean see's himself dead in his dream laying in the white coffin, but not in real life.

    Sean is fine! and hopefully Christian will be to, the whole breast cancer thing is not good.

    Next Tuesday should be a good episode so we can see another follow up on all of the characters, like Sean, Julia, Christian ..

    Definitely a good episode!

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  • 4 years ago

    celebrity, i think of you're over reacting basically somewhat. Jesus did not rejoice His birthday through fact He did not prefer to do something that took slightly glory removed from His Father in heaven. each and every thing He did jointly as on earth became in finished obedience to the father. Scripture says that He got here the 1st time humbly, as a servant. the subsequent time it is going to likely be in glory as a victor. we can extremely be celebrating then. i individually don't understand ways celebrating birthdays have been given began yet once you like some one and rejoice with their place on your life, i don't think of displaying it via celebrating their birthday is hypocritical. ...particularly thinking what Jesus did for us. it might desire to not be on the astonishing day, that probable being closer to Eastertime, in spite of the shown fact that it beats the heck out of the pagan holiday it took the area of. in actuality it had replace into the form of gadget to particular our appreciation of His incarnation, humbling Himself to fulfill us at our point to coach us a sparkling way of life with Him, that the enemy has gotten so in touch in a advertisement way that the meaning is getting fairly fouled up interior the media. What we extremely need to do is start up rejecting the media hype, end going into debt each and each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, get lower back to fundamentals and rejoice in a manner that would please Him; a individual and greater own way, collected with those considerable different and infants accessible.

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