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ok, im thinking about getting this for ps3, is it good?

and my real question is.. the online? is it like 8vs. on a track and winner gets points added to thier leaderboard score or what? what game modes how they are played? i wanna know the details to know if i like it so i dont aste 60 bucks

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    I've completed the game, and here's what I thought about it, which I get straight to the point.


    - Graphics, despite what others say, are good. Car detail is great, your surroundings are nice to look at, even at high speed. It's mostly good.

    - It's addictive, until you get to around 70% of the story mode. The the progress up to 70% is quite fast - complete one mission and it goes up by 2% average. Until you get to the 70, when it goes up by about 0.2% for every finger you've lost through numbness having tried to progress so much.

    - Selection of cars is great, a very wide range of cars from hatchbacks, to muscle cars, to hyper cars, all of which are sorted into 4 tiers, that you unlock throughout the story.

    - Damage. You don't have to fix, and is automatically fixed for you when you complete whatever mission you were doing when you caused the damage.


    - The police. Every time you fail a mission, it's because of the insanely unrealistic omnipotence of the police. Mainly late into the story mode when you've picked up a super car, you're confronted with a massacring army of Porsche 911's, Nissan GTR's and jeeps that'll accelerate to 200mph faster than anything. A lot of the time it's impossible to escape police chases due to the somewhat immortality of the police, and when they "bust" you three times with the same car, you lose that car for good. Ridiculous. If I had to give one reason why you shouldn't buy this game, it'd be this.

    - Traffic. Perhaps I'm nitpicking, but in some missions on the highways/motorways, EA are just taking the piss with the amount of vehicles clogging up all three lanes. Not handy in high speed escape missions.

    - Mission difficulty. Albeit, I haven't checked if there's an "easy/normal/hard" mode changer, but I'm 99% certain there isn't. Some of the missions, except races, are pointless. One of the missions, called "Nick of Time", took me around 12 attempts. In brief, you are driving a stolen Mitsubishi Evo Lancer, which is crap btw, trying to evade the thousand police cars chasing you, without damaging the car severely, and once/if you're free of the cops, drive it to a garage - all in three minutes. Another missions is involving some green, supposedly super car, that looks like a Zonda but isn't, not sure what it was, that is also stolen, must be driven for about 10 minutes worth of driving, avoiding a million cop cars, without damage, in a very constricting time limit.

    - The story mode, despite the slow progress mentioned above, is ridiculously short. Played it for, approx', 10 hours, was already at 90%. Luckily it's open world so even after completing it I'll still have something to do.

    - The race tracks. Some of them are practically designed just to make you smash into every bollard on the planet, some random oil barrels that just so happen to be sitting in the middle of a motorway, sharp corners not foreseeable and probably massive pink elephants blocking the way. Typically, during a race, you're given the wisest route to take, marked on the map. Of course, it's just telling you the quickest way to get to your destination, not the most practical nor convenient. With that being said, I refuse to count the number of times it's led me to some massive ramp where I cascade into a wall, flip over and lose first place, and thus, restarting the race.

    -Online racing is much easier after you’ve been through the hellish auto combat of the full main story. I won something like three out of my first four races. If you want this to race online; if you’re not interested in beating its story mode; or if you can take your time and stay within yourself as a racer, learning from your mistakes, it can still be a rich and gratifying car fantasy.

    Source(s): The game.
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