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Game summary of America vs Tigres?

My Game Summary:


They played worser today than against Chivas. Beausejour, every pass was either crooked or wasn't good. "Topo", Vera, and Edgar Castillo gave a partidazo. Cabanas and Robert both played well, few wrong passes but overall good.


First 25 mins controlled the game well. After the goal, pinche baboso de Lapuente se fue atras a defender el 1-0. Kikin and Bogado played a good game. The defense of Tigres at times were slow. Midfield of Tigres helped out well. Overrall, Lapuente messed up the game for Tigres for making them go back and defend the 1-0. Then, TOMALA pinche baboso pelon, 3-1.

What's your Game Summary?

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    azulkrema what the f.u is wrong with you what do you mean you dont care? america jugo mal man y ganamos si pero hay que ganar jugando bien.the match was bad really, and i dont care if anyone gives thumbs down because they cant handle the truth.

    my summary:

    america play bad really bad, the jean we saw against chivas was nowhere to be found, esqueda echa aperder el unico gol de jugada buena que hizo america.ochoa si no es por el ref que marca fuera de lugar deja entrar un gol legitimo also another mala salida that luckily se la regresan en las manos.i think the game was very stuck in the midfield, avia pelotazo por aqui y por aya, every ball that tigres or america got was from a rebote.tigres played good for a moment and kikin se mira peligroso, but it was just a moment same with america.i saw de pinho play a lit better, cabanas too, but like i said both teams puro pelotazo.

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    Clasico Regio Tigres Winss

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    I think America played a good game. They won 3-1 so they definitely improved from last season, i just hope they can keep this up.

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    Yeah worser keep talking trash you dam hater.

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    america played well and that was enough to beat tigres and hope that they keep on playing good

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    haha i don't think worser is a word, but america played a pretty good game.

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    i say it was a ok game not that good.....i was expecting some thing better....wonder why chitiva didn't play?

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    i really dont care

    America still won

    EDIT: to the fer girl he wasnt offsides Phino was on sides and Vera was offsides but Phino got the ball first then Vera

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    tigres got robbed.. first goal of america was offsides! second wasnt even a foul on cabanas, ill give amerika the penalty.. but they also took away a legit goal from tigres!!



    -jorge ramos


  • esqueda sucks

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