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i wanna start exercising (hardcore) again?

aight its not like im fat

i can do 100 of situps and 30 max pushups

i can sprint good

but ive been on a break for a while

now i wanna go back, where should i start?

dont give me any bulls crap cheapy easy exercise plans

is there any plans for (medium) beginners involving ONLY pushups, situps, run and jumpropes?

thanks in advance

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    Start out aiming to complete at least 30 minutes. Work up to 60 minutes per day.

    Start with a quick jog, maybe 10 minutes worth. Warm up is important.

    Then you're going to go as non-stop as possible. Alternate doing 25 pushups and 25 situps.

    If 25 pushups is too many, maybe drop it down to 15, or even 10, when you start. You will be able to work your way up as you become more used to it. The way I would do it is 25 pushups and then after the last pushup I go straight into the situps. And then after the last situp right back into the pushups and then right back into the situps. Back and forth. No break time in between.

    If you must, rest for either 30 seconds or 1 minute after each set of situps. So you'd do 25 pushups and 25 situps and then give yourself a one minute break. No more than that. As soon as the minute is up you're already in position to do another set of 25/25.

    I would do as many as 300/300 total. The non-stop method allows you to do it within a pretty short period of time. And I would do this after I had already done other free weight and circuit training. It's a rough workout, I'd be totally soaked afterwards.

    If you can even do 10/10 on that method and maybe reach 100/100 on your first day, that would be a pretty good start. Or 15/15 and aim for 150/150. I don't know what would be too easy for you.

    And then jump rope for about 5 to 10 minutes afterwards. It doesn't have to be intense boxing style rope work. If you've ever jumped rope after doing a lot of pushups you already know that it's not too easy to do. Nice and leisurely is all you need. Great cardio plus it sculpts.

    You'll be looking great in no time. Email me with any questions, if you want.

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    If you are only willing to do pushups, situps, running (a bit) and jump ropes you will always be a beginner. Your body adapts to the work you give it, and if you only give it easy stuff, your body won't develop much. The best you can probably do with that is the 100 push ups program ( Your aren't going to get ripped with this, but its about the best you can do with pushups.

    If you are serious about a hardcore workout, check out the strength training programs in the source. You will have to lift weights for this. It will start out easy, but you won't be saying that in 2 months time. For cardio, I would recommend HIIT (high intensity interval training) once you can handle it. Check google for a good program. CrossFit is also a great program, but I would suggest you get in better shape before you do that.

    Source(s): 1st website 1st website (beginner program) 1st website (if you want to build a home gym) 2nd website 2ndwebsite (beginner program) 2nd website (if you want to build a home gym) Buy the book Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. It is the bible of strength training.
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    start doing pushups but do one more every day till you get to 400 in the morning and 400 in the evenings, then you will be half hard core.

    Then try to do 100 pushups with the left arm then 100 with the right arm and back again to 400.

    It's also good to do pull ups twice a week, hang from some pole or a branch and do whatever you can but again do one more every session.

    I am at 290 right now, next time I'll do 291.

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