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poems/creative writing!!?

im 13 years old first of all.

(ignore spelling! typed extremely fast of rmyspace blog XP)


i was alone,

without a fried


i made you up,

straight out of my head.

my fantasies,

my long lost dreams,

concealed in you,

made up by me.

as time passed,

my love for you grew,

the person made up

that nobody knew.

all my day,

all my night,

thinking of you,

we never fight.

i get so obsessed,

it's hard to believe,

your not really there,

an emootional test.

i dont know why,

this could make me cry,

but these thought of you...

need to die!

too much time,

with you in my mind,

i need to be preoccupied.

with something new,

just not you!

as time progressed,

i thought about you

more than i thought about the others i knew.

i know its sad,

it makes me mad,

once dominating my head.

and now you're dead.

my ex-immaginary friend

-holly bessey. jan.6 2008

color definitions!

red- fire, forcive, rebellious, flames, bright, random - red

blue- innocent, naive, sad, happy, subtle...but attracting, seemingly polar opposite of red. - blue

black- sad, lingering, depressing, posesses every color immaginable. complete darkness, closed in, pessamistic, seemingly negatve on the outside...but somehow appealing - black

white - polar oppisite of black. extremely naive like a new born, never expirienced anything, abilito to change into any otheer color withoug affecting the color itself. optimistic, open, free.

fact: when black and white are together they are beautiful, perfection of a color combination. although they are complete oposite...absolutly NOTHING alike they match perfectly...but, when they mix they create gray. the most boring sad depressing color in the world. because when they are alone they stand out as individuals with extreme contrast. mixed they have no...self. they are one. seperate yet together...such as stripes or dots are beautiful. two opposites in harmony together - holly.


what is forever? can it exist? is it possible we can predict or even reach forever? it is impossible, impossile to count to infinity or reach the end of space(space= i think.) what is beyond space? anything? nothing? there has to be SOMETHING. ANYTHING. darkness? what? complete nothingness?

what is complete nothingness? we as humans will never get to expirience complete nothingness. and also wth nothingness there would be no humans anyway. we live verry shrt lives in the eyes of time. no one has proven if we feel or turn to...nothing, after death. although there is religion who can prove it? openmindedness is key. has anyone truely seen god? he may be there, he may not. the world may never know. why are we here and what is the time we spend, breathing, feeling. worth, what does it mean? we will never know


what is our meaning?

we wake up






were healthy




in love

emotions... but why. why everything, why why whyyyyyy?!

do we live to live

or live to die?

are humans truely the superior life form?

or do we just think that because we have 'ego'?

~*xXAm i?Xx*?

-asks folowing question in cheezy sarcastic questining peppy voice- *eh hem*

am i the ONLY one on this earth with enough time on my hands to spend pondering endless subject that will never get answered? and them write them? i mean...gosh! im 13. *place laugh here* ACK! i think to much! *place sarcastic smirk here*


how were the first teachers properly educated? there was no teachers to teach them! who made it all up? who documented it? GODDAMN IT I WANNA KNO THESE THINGS *GRRRRR* why in math are there question that no one will ever EVER EVERRRRRRRRRR(begin evil laugh) NEED TO USE IN REAL LIFE??? what about those of us who hate, or find math hard *cough* me *cough* ok so maybe im failing 7th grade math...but i swear my teacher is out to get me. evil mrs. mcmurrin. shouldnt they make advanced math besides BASIC math, algebra, and geometry(which we have to kno by 5th grade at my school) a choice. things u wont the distributive property, or advanced algebra equations. i even asked my techer if those are ever used in life and she said NO! - holly


does the average human suffer more than they are happy? i do. although i know my familey/life is far FAR from normal, im the porrest most disfunctional familey i know. neither of my parents have jobs, i have 0 friends, im NOT ugly. they just dont like my dad. and im a lesbian and im emo and my gma died on my birthday and i have chronic stomach ilnesses and Im a hypochondriac and deal wiht constant stress. im 13 damn! but.. i look to the future and never regret anything that made me smile...but its really hard when the thing that made me smile is the reason im stressed. are people i

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    1. Read Anne Frank's diary. She was a 13 year-old who was given a diary for her birthday and almost immediately after had to go into hiding with her parents from the Nazis in Germany. So she called her diary Kitty, her one true friend that she could really trust. I actually haven't read it myself, only bits, but your poem reminded me of her. She was very intelligent and observant like you. I'm going to read it some time soon. You do too!

    2. Very interesting about colours and their meanings. Impressionist painters (like Monet) discovered the same as you did that instead of mixing colours, paintings often look much better with little dots of colour side by side which gives the "impression" you desire when looked from a distance - the eye does the mixing. For example,

    or Pissarro

    or an extreme example by Seurat

    3. Meaning - since the dawn of time, especially since the ancient Greeks, men and women have wondered these questions. The subject is called "philosophy" (and also religion). It's really interesting but also a bit disappointing because the questions don't get answered, but it's really worthwhile stuff to read and think about. There's the "theory of knowledge" (fancy name "epistemology") about what we can know in the world and "ethics" about good and evil and man's purpose. These are deep subjects, so get an easy book to get you into it like the novel "Sophie's World" by Gaarder. I've read it! It was several years ago, so I don't remember it so well now, but I'm sure you'll love it!

    4. You're teachers are taking away a lot of the fun out of education. You have to think of it as a journey of discovery. The first "teachers" played around and discovered things for themselves and then taught their pupils, like you did just then with your thought about black and white being so pretty when separately together. There's so much out there to learn, most of it discovered already by other people, but when you find out about it, and if you play with it yourself, then you are discovering it for yourself and its yours too. To enjoy maths, you have to really play around to really understand what's going on. When you understand it, they become easy and when they're easy, they're fun, doesn't matter whether they're useful or not, and depending on what job you want to do it might be useful, you never know. So slow down and smell the roses, lol.

    5. Everyone is weird in their different ways. Whether they are happy or sad depends a lot on their outlook. You sound to me pretty optimistic, but you're going through a really difficult period, so make sure you look after yourself, focus your concentration on your stomach when you get stressed and you will feel your breath there and it's relaxing, breathe deeply, courage and keep the smile!

    Remember always that you are unique, just like everyone else.

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    It's really hard to show people writing... it represents the deepest, most intimate parts of ourselves, and to show someone else is essentially the same thing as asking "am I worthy? am I talented? am I rubbish? do i see the world as other people see it? am I stupid for thinking these thoughts and writing them down? am I not unique, writing the thoughts that other people have already written about?" It's a lot of pressure! I would wait until you're ready for harsh feedback, to put it online. Anonymity makes it very easy for people to be rude. Heck, I'm 25 years old and I freak out when I put stuff online for people to read, so I can understand why you wouldn't want to go there. BUT... anonymity also gives you unbiased feedback. When I read feedback on Yahoo! Answers about something I've written, I know that people aren't just trying to be nice, or are afraid of hurting my feelings. That means, when people say they like my writing... they really do like it! There's nothing in the world even close to that great feeling you get, when you've affected someone with your writing. I look back to the stuff I wrote when I was 13, and yeah... it was bad. But the most important thing is loving it! I loved coming up with stories, getting readers to really think, trying to paint a picture using only words. I still love it. I hope I will always love it. Being a young writer is hard. So many people think they know how to help, or how to tell you to go spend your time doing something "productive". The thing is... if you're a writer, you know it. You stay up until 1:00 am to finish writing a chapter, even though you've got school the next day. The thought of writing a book is exhilarating, and the thought of someone reading it and enjoying it is even better. If you're a writer, you will write, no matter what anyone says. The more you write, the more you will learn. The more you learn, the more you realize just how bad at writing you are. Self-judgment is a bane of every writer. But every writer also harbors a vain, pompous ego that can simultaneously believe that they are extraordinary and talented, even while the self-judgment is at its harshest. If it makes you feel better - I still don't share my writing with my friends or family. I had one friend read a short story, and felt like apologizing the entire time he read it, like I was wasting his time and that I was horrible and that he wouldn't even like it so why am I letting him read it!? So, it's not just your age... it's being a writer. It simply makes you crazy. I've found a group that I share my writing with - a creative writing class. It's 4 other people, and we get together and critique each others' writing and give feedback. If you want to GET feedback, you often have to GIVE as well. Try to find other writers who are also looking to have their stories read. Maybe you can ask your parents to take an extracirricular class on creative writing or something? Also... try writing something and posting it online, just to see if you can handle the feedback. One thing I did was that I copied a passage from an obscure book I owned, and posted it in a forum (this was years ago). Once I saw how people criticized writing that was published by a real author, I felt much better putting my own stuff online, for a few people to see. If a published author would get comments like "it was boring" then it's like... if i get the comment "it was boring" then it's okay! Sorry this is long. I told you I liked writing! :) Best of luck!

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    i love the poems especially the first nice talent

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