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Should the Cubs have traded Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa?

Answer from fans point of view. Cardinal, Brewer, Dodger and White Sox fans can go somewhere where their kind is accepted.

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    Wood was let go by the Cubs & signed with the Indians as a Free Agent..... As much as I love Kerry Wood & hated to see him go, I can't be mad. The organization gave so much to him / stood by him all those years he was injured. I wish him the best & would like to see him back in Cubbie Blue before he retires.

    DeRosa has done so much for the Cubs & I got attached to him...... but it is a business. I like what they did to "make up" for his loss by signing Miles. NOT only is it a dagger to the heart of Cardinal fans (again, 2nd year in a row, the Cubs sign a former Card) but he can play every position that DeRo played PLUS he can play Center AND he can Relief Pitch if needed.

    listen to this Card fan cry about it on youtube......

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    Wood was signes as a free agent

    DeRosa was traded and will be a free agent at the end of the 2009 season and has said he would like to come back to the Cubs if he had the chance

    yes Trading DeRosa wasn't a good idea but i do belive there will be more trades and signings in the future

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    I don't Kerry Wood was traded, he was a free agent, correct me if Im wrong. Mark Derosa shouldn't of been traded, that guy can hit and he is a leader. He brings toughness to the team and the Cubs fan will really miss him. I mad the Mets didn't sign him.

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    1. Kerry Wood wasn't traded, the Cybs just didn't re-sign him.

    2. Carlos Marmol will be a great closer(he struck out 1/3 of the men he faced)

    3. DeRosa wasn't all that great, and it will allow Milton Bradley to Take it in right, and gie more time to Mike Fontenot.

    Source(s): Cubs fan forever.
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    Kerry Wood? It's not like he's struck out 20 guys this century. Dude's a bum.


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    The Cubs particularly do no longer decide on something. Signing gamers will purely lose them draft alternatives, and their quite solid at each and every place. the only circulate i might desire to work out making experience for them is making an attempt (back) to commerce for Brian Roberts. Doubt it nevertheless.

  • kid pink's a fool he was an excellent closer last year and wasn't traded he just didn't re sign they did it to sign bradley which i think is a terrible idea and he will be a bust.

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    Yes they should have but they obviously didn't

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