Do you hate the Bolts b/c of Rivers?

Extremely poor reason- really. Rivers is emotional yes but passion is a good thing in football and makes for good entertainment.

He got the bad rap primarily after he responded 2 yrs. ago to some Cutler bs and was caught by the camera responding. Then also he got caught replying to an obnoxious fan and was stereotyped.

He's not a TO type in fact a team player and has matured a lot over the past year.

Every team has trash talkers and the Bolts have a few yes. However we also have Sproles. Here's a soft spoken shy guy that couldn't get a sentence out w/o stuttering 2 yrs back.

Also one of the classiest guys in football- that's right LT. Listen, I speak from personal experience. I had a terminally sick 27 yr. old brother, Phil who was a huge Charger fan. I waited in line for two hours to get a few things signed by LT for my bro. When I finally got there I told LT who they were for. To make a long story short, 1/2 an hour later I rolled with LT in his big green Benz to my family's house where he spent about 45 minutes chilling with Phil- taking pictures, signing everything etc. This was on a Sat. 1 day before a game. He went straight to the team meeting from our house. Here's the thing- this was not a charity stunt orchestrated by his agent. This came right from his heart and nobody would have known if not for me putting the word out. LT's the man ok.


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    I wasn't a Rivers fan until I heard a little more about him on sports radio.

    A guy was talking about him and just said he is so competitive and that's the way he is.

    But, he is married to his girlfriend since 8th grade, he had 4 children, and a very good father. he goes to church with his family every Sunday. But he gets a bad rap on his competitiveness.

    LT, I can't say much on him, but that is a cool story.

    and Sproles... well I remember him from K State days, being a OU fan he single handly killed our season and was amazed watching him.

    and FYI... TO is a idiot who is overrated, and gets so much credit for being a jerk and a team headache

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    1. Why the hell to people say Rivers has done nothing this year as a QB? Don;t be running your mouth if you don't know who Rivers is... He leads the League in TDs and has the highest passer rating making him #1 QB in the NFL.... He ran his mouth a little last season, but has dont ABSOLUTLY NOTHING this season... Last season with the Cutler incident, Cutler actually was grabbing his crotch but was not caught on camera and Rivers responded to it, don't give me that bulls***, Or Mr Cutler responded like a little wimp when asked if SD was a real team after we kicked his @** 2 weeks ago he goes, "These guys? San Diego, Indy will handle em pretty well" Lets congratualate the team instead Cutler rather than running your mouth, this guys runs his mouth off the field where it should not be done, liuckily he ate his own words.... I agree with you by the way

    2. L.T has all my respect, people think he's a wimp, they're obviously haters who dont know anything about what an RB role is on the field, with a torn ligament its hard to run and will hurt the team.. LT ran for 25 yds and a TD with a torn groin and couldnt go anymore

    3. The Chargers will beat the Steelers, sorry haters

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    Thats okay Charger fans know Rivers is a good guy and grew up from last season and is becoming an elite QB. I don't know how he is overrated when he didn't even go to the pro bowl and faced a lot of good teams and still put up those numbers. He is better then Cutler thats for sure, Cutler still has a grudge btw.

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    4 years ago

    Phillip Rivers is a sort of fellows who everybody hates different than whilst he's on your group. In that city, everybody loves him. Rivers comes for the time of to me as a cocky, mouthy baby who by no skill supplies combatants their due. If I had a co-worker like that, i think of i'd kill him in 0.5 an hour. to boot his rocket arm, those traits would be why he's this variety of fulfillment, taking the Chargers deep into the playoffs assorted situations. He won't give up and could no longer concede something. i think of it is why he's the two enjoyed and hated. i think of he may be lots like Michael Jordan of their competitiveness. Jordan's aggressive obsessions knew no bounds. He had to the 1st interior the bathe, first dressed, first out of the locker room, and so on. A UNC teammate took him homestead, the place he chanced on him cheating jointly as enjoying pinochle against his mom. whilst he lost a bumper pool activity to assistant coach Roy Williams, Jordan grew to become into so incensed he refused to speak to Williams for a month. i wish Rivers isn't that undesirable, yet i think of he's a good purchase closer to Jordan's character than maximum human beings are.

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    I like the Bolts because of Rivers and LT, Sproles and Merriman are up there as well. I said before the draft that Rivers will probably have a better career than Eli Manning, so far not the truth but by the end of it i think Rivers will come through for my prediction :P.

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    1. Nice attempt at justifying Rivers childish behavior. According to you, poor Rivers was just reacting to other meanies. I guess in your mind, having a meltdown on national TV one week, then jawing and flipping off fans the next makes Rivers a victim. You sir, are confused. Those are the actions of a fit throwing 5 year old, NOT a professional.

    2. You're obviously looking at the Chargers through the biased eyes of a SD fan. I understand, it's easy to do. Just try and realize that before ranting to other people who have a different opinion than you do. It's ok if other people don't like everything you like.

    3. My dislike of Rivers is only one of my reasons for not liking the Chargers. Others include Norv Turner, Merriman, and the fact that they are a division rival.

    *I don't like Rivers or Merrimen....both are overrated, pompus attention whores. This of course is just my opinion.

    I can respect their talents as football players but that doesn't mean I have to like their team. I have a lot of respect for Antonio Gates for example, but that will never make me a Chargers fan.

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    Yes, in part because he has actually done nothing yet thinks he is one of the elite QB's. Secondly, the Bolts are the same old Bolts, sure they put good teams together and got to the superbowl, but for the Bolts that's good enough. Just getting the championship game and getting ambused by Miami in the rain, loosing to the Pats when they were clearly the better team, then getting to the Superbowl and completely falling apart. So, I am a Charger hater.

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    I am a die hard charger fan .

    I was there Sunday when we DOMINATED the Denver Donkeys .

    I was there Saturday when we held our own and beat the Colts .

    I will love the Bolts through thick and thin .

    Say what you will about our players , but show me a team that DOESN'T have a player that runs his mouth .

    Cutler is a joke .

    So is P. Manning . MVP my @$$.


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    Give it up, everyone except Charger fans know Rivers is a classless whining douchebag. The Chargers are gonna have to deal with that, or trade him.

    LT seems like a nice guy and is never classless. But he is sorta a wimp for sitting out every big game his team is in, and is stupid for calling the Pats classless.

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    to be honest, I think Phillip Rivers to just a bad/overrated QB. He wasn't shown anything to me that says he is as good as Drew Bress. Jay Cutler on the other hand has. He doesn't run has mouth every time he gets 6 yards, and he can lead his team down the field in crutch time.

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