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rubber band rope ?

my friend made a rope, made of nothing but rubber bands, and tied it to a rubber band ball and uses it like a elastic yo yo . can you tell me where i can find how to make a rubber band rope. and if you don't know of a video, can you pl post how to do it.

and also, DON,T TELL ME YOU TUBE!!!! because i know there isn't a video on youtube that tells you how

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    Sorry to not know of a video, but I will try to explain. Take 2 rubber bands, take them and make like a figure 8 sideways on a flat surface, with them overlapping right side over left side. Grab the inner loop of the left rubber band and bring it over to the left side.Then loop it through the far left loop. Grab both far ends and pull. I hope I explained it ok to follow :) Good luck.

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