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islands of adventure or busch gardens?

which do you like more?


and why is your choice better than the other?

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    For Islands of Adventures, I just want to make this clear that you are only talking about one park which is Islands of Adventures, and not the other Universal Studios park.

    To me, Busch Gardens has more things to do first off. They have 6 roller coasters, water rides, and quite a number of shows along with animals. Islands of Adventure has a few roller coasters (Two other ones are only really for kids.), water rides, and not that many shows.

    If you are really into themed things (like Incredible Hulk, Jurassic Park, Popeye, Spider-mann), I would go to Islands of Adventure. If you really are into roller coasters, I would go to Busch Gardens. If you are into animals, I would go Busch Gardens. If you are into shows, I would go to Busch Gardens. I guess if you are really into water rides, I would go to Islands of Adventure.

    I like Busch Gardens better. I think that Kumba, Scorpion, Cheetah Chase (This is more of a kiddie what you call mouse coaster, but I really like it.), Wild Surge (This is a kiddie ride that goes up and down in the new section called Jungala), and Montu are great rides.

    They also have a two track wooden coaster, and a 200 + feet dive machine roller coaster.

    At Islands of Adventure, I like the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride, Incredible Hulk roller coaster, and the Ice (blue side) of Dueling Dragons roller coaster for what I call great rides.

    Have fun wherever you go!

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    I have to be opposite.. i am not a Coaster person so Islands of adventure had more for me that Busch Gardens

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    Busch Gardens...go there and find out why it is better than Islands of Adventure.

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    Busch Gardens defo!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    busch gardens--amazing roller coasters and very pretty!

  • 1 decade ago

    bush gardens is sooo beautiful. Its very nice. Go there=]

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