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How is drug abuse and Addiction different ?

this is homework for a class

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    **Drug Abuse---taking a psychoactive drug or performance enhancing drug for a non-therapeutic or non-medical effect---a negative judgment of the drug use

    **Addiction--- an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction, crime, alcoholism, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, pornography, etc.

    From the above definitions, I gather that drug abuse pertains to drugs and an addiction is the abuse of more than just drugs.

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    Just some insight, not from a textbook, but from personal experience... add this to your paper, your teacher might like it. But include it after all the technical answers you're looking for.

    Here it is:

    They are both bad, I am not so worried about the differences as long as the person can have a happy, healthy and safe lifestyle.

    Also, to comment on someone else's answer: "Just because you are addicted to a drug, doesn't mean you use it. Abuse is when you use it over and over again. Many people have not used a drug for years, but they can still be addicted to it."

    How can you be addicted to a drug and not have used it before? There are always times that people are not using or doing something, but if they are addicted, they are likely to be regular users now or in the past... and likely in the future if some intervention is not done.

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    Abusing a drug means you are using it inappropriatly like taking too much, taking a prescribed medicine that was not prescribed to you, using street drugs and so on. Being addicted can be seperated in to two categories, physical addiction and psychological addiction. Physical addiction means that your body needs the drug and when you stop taking the drug your body will go into withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be fatal like when one withdraws from alcohol they can experience something called delirium tremens which is a medical emergency. Psychological addiction is where you believe the drug helps you but will not experience any withdrawal symptoms like acid and marijuana.

    Source(s): Baylor University School of Nursing
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    Just because you are addicted to a drug, doesn't mean you use it. Abuse is when you use it over and over again. Many people have not used a drug for years, but they can still be addicted to it.

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    Drug Abuse is when you use a drug that is either illegal or you've used it in a way that was not intended by the prescriber or manufacturer, but not necessarily on an all the time basis. Addiction is when you cannot stop the urge to do a drug whether illegal or prescribed. Also, you usually have symptoms of withdrawal that vary depending on the drug.

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    drug abuse could simply be someone having great pain and taking more than the recommended dose, for example someone might get hurt playing a sport and they take 2 painkillers instead of 1.... that doesn't necessarily mean they are addicted, they just abused the drug and the recommended use. Addiction is having a dependency on a drug..

    Drug addiction is widely considered a pathological state. The disorder of addiction involves the progression of acute drug use to the development of drug-seeking behavior, the vulnerability to relapse, and the decreased, slowed ability to respond to naturally rewarding stimuli.

    Source(s): brain wikipedia
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    In a way they are the same because you are abussing your own body by taking the drug in the first place, then you become addicted to the drug and can not stop taking it. Now thee are also drugs that you do not get addicted to and it is just in your head that you want to take the drug because it is doing good for you and if you stop everything will go bad however you are incorrect because you are just harming yourself even more by taking th drug, hense the words "drug abuse".

    Best of luck in school!

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    My theory is an abuser just goes over board. For example.. I might be capable of holding down a job, having kids and just being responsible, but I could "abuse" drugs/alcohol.. by say going home each night and smoking drugs and drinking to much. Maybe because I was bored or something... BUT someone who has an addiction... cant stop using, they are "addicted" and the addiction controls there life. They cant function normally because eventually there habit will take over there life. They might miss work to go get high, or steal from work to get money for drugs.. you can chose to "abuse it" by taking to much but you are "addicted" when you don't chose to take it, its something you have to have inorder to function.

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    You can abuse a drug and not be addicted to it. Addiction is when your body needs the drug in order to function. Abusing it is just simply abusing it

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    drug abuse 

    1. addiction to drugs.

    2. substance abuse involving drugs.

    drug addiction

    1. an addiction to a drug (especially a narcotic drug)

    According to the dictionary abuse is an addiction.

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