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-closed- asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

What is the most famous last name shared between a hockey player and an athlete from another sport?

I caught the last few minutes of the Texas Tech game last night to keep track of my fantasy team, and noticed there was a player named Crosby, which got me thinking- What is the most famous last name shared between two players from two different sports?

Example- Justin Williams(Carolina) and Serena Williams(Tennis)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    fyi Jay - it's Quan Cosby (like Bill) and he's on the LONGHORNS .. please don't confuse a 'Horn with a Red Raider that's like saying Alfredsson is on the Leafs for some people !!

    My top nomination is JACKSON, Bo:

    ** According to Wayne Gretzky, he knew hockey.

    ** According to Michael Jordan, he knew basketball.

    ** According to Jim Everett, he knew football.

    ** Accoding to George Brett, he knew baseball.

    ** According to Jim McEnroe, he knew tennis.

    ** But according to a musician named Bo, "he don't know Diddley."

    OK folks, time to buckle down and get serious ..

    * Taylor (Cyclone or Dave in hockey, Chucky in basketball)

    * Thomas (Tim in hockey, Isiah in basketball, Derrick in football)

    * Jackson (Busher in hockey, Keith in football, Reggie in baseball, Mark in basketball)

    * King (Kris in hockey, Bernard in basketball)

    * Boucher (Frank or Brian in hockey, Denis in baseball, Gaetan in speed skating)

    * St-Pierre (Kim in women's hockey, Brian in football)

    * Baker (Hobie in hockey, Dusty in baseball)

    * Miller (Ryan, Kip or Kelly in hockey, Reggie in basketball)

    * Kennedy (Teeder in hockey, Terry in baseball)

    * Richard (Maurice, Henri or Jacques in hockey, J.R. in baseball)

    * Burke (Sean in hockey, Tim in baseball)

    * Robinson (Larry in hockey, Frank in baseball)

    * Gomez (Scott in hockey, Lefty in baseball)

    * Crawford (Marc in hockey, Carl in baseball)

    * Clark (Wendel in hockey, Will in baseball)

    * Carter (Anson or Jeff in hockey, Gary or Joe in baseball, Quincy in football, Vince in basketball)

    * Anderson (Glenn or Craig in hockey, Flipper in football, Sparky in baseball)

    * Tippett (Dave in hockey, Andre in football)

    * Lewis (Dave in hockey, Carl in track + field)

    * Leach (Reggie in hockey, Rick in baseball)

    * Williams (Justin in hockey, Ted in baseball, Doug in football)

    * Green (Ted in hockey, Darrell in football)

    * Schmidt (Milt in hockey, Mike in baseball)

    * Malone (Ryan in hockey, Mark in football)

    * Johnson (Tom in hockey, Earvin "Magic" in basketball, Randy in baseball, Keeshawn in football)

    * Irwin (Dick in hockey, Monte in baseball)

    * Gamble (Troy in hockey, Oscar in baseball)

    * Banks (Darren in hockey, Ernie in baseball)

    * Wilson (Doug in hockey, Marc in football)

    * Hall (Glen in hockey, and the HOF in all 4 major N.A. sports)

    Fictious / Imaginative:

    * Roy (Patrick in hockey, and Roy Hobbs aka The Natural, in baseball; or the Rookie Of the Year (known as the Calder in hockey) trophy in other sports ..)


    * Cooper (Equipment-maker in hockey, Cynthia in women's basketball)

    * Avery (Sean in figure skating, Steve in baseball)

    * Huard (it's Quebecois slang for a loonie, and there was once a Huard who played for the Dolphins)

    Different spelling, but same pronounciation and origin:

    Mullen (Joe or Brian in hockey); Mullin (Chris in basketball)

    Tremblay (Jean-Claude in hockey): Trombley (Mike in baseball)

    ps. I'm sure there are a few others out there. But let's get some input from the others ..

    Source(s): << That's all I have to say about that .. >> (Forrest Gump)
  • 5 years ago

    Im not sure if this would count, but it's the only one I can remember at the moment. Ryan Smith NFL Tennessee Titans, and Ryan Smyth of LA Kings... But honestly, I just a saw an NHL player with the same name as another pro athlete but I just can't remember the name. Ok, I remember now. Ryan Jones Welsh Rugby player, and Ryan Jones for Edmonton Oilers. Bq: -6 C, or 21 F.

  • NIPS®
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Rollie Finger(s) , Jeff Finger

    Nolan Ryan, Bobby Ryan

    Gaylord Perry, Corey Perry

    Roger Maltby (golfer), Kirk Maltby

    Isaiah Thomas, Tim Thomas

    Source(s): Just for you JAY K.... Andy Murray, Douglas Murray James Blake, Rob Blake (Steve Sax, Sidney Sax)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    John Madden and John Madden Not a player but..

    Shaq O'Neal and Jeff O'Neill...Hey sound the same

    Stephen Woods and Tiger

    Mike Quick(Former Iggle) and Jon Quick

    Shawn Belle and Albert(Former Indian)

    Rob Blake and Casey Blake

    Bobby Bolt and Usain Bolt(Gold Medal winner)

    Mark Eaton and Adam Eaton

    Manny Fernandez and Sid

    Mark Flood and Curt

    Simon Gagne and Eric

    Paul Gastaud and Superman-I think there the same person though:)

    Source(s): Ok I stink
  • Jacoby
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Thomas- Tim Thomas, Thurman Thomas

    Harrington-Padrig Harrington and Joey Harrington

  • 1 decade ago

    How about Jason Williams (NHL - Atlanta Thrashers) and Jason Williams (retired from the NBA in 2008 - LA Clippers)

    I'll add CARTER:

    Andre Carter (Washington Redskins, NFL)

    Anson Carter (Fmr Carolina Hurricanes, NHL)

    Antony Carter (Denver Nuggets, NBA)

    Chris Carter (Boston Red Sox, MLB)

    Drew Carter (Oakland Raiders, NFL)

    Dyshod Carter (Arizona Cardinals, NFL)

    Jason Carter (Carolina Panthers, NFL)

    Jeff Carter (Philly Flyers, NHL)

    Jeremy Carter (St. Louis Rams, NFL)

    Jerome Carter (St. Louis Rams, NFL)

    Jim Carter (PGA, if that's a sport)

    Kerry Carter (Washington Redskins, NFL)

    Kevin Carter (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL)

    Lee Carter (San Jose Sharks, NHL)

    Ryan Carter (Anaheim Ducks, NHL)

    Tim Carter (Houston Texans, NFL

    Tyrone Carter (Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL)

    Vince Carter (NBA – NJ Nets)

    Source(s): I could go on - I ran out of time Nesta Carter is a medal winning Jamaican sprinter . . . see. I told you I could keep going.
  • 1 decade ago

    Tiger Williams - Tiger Woods AND Serena/Venus/Ricky Williams.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sydney Crosby ( Pittsburgh Penguins ) and blank Crosby, the name escapes me, ( texas tech )

  • 1 decade ago

    John Madden and John Madden (Football)

    Glen, Garth, and Douglas Murray - Andy Murray (Tennis)

    Rob, Jason Blake - James Blake (Tennis)

  • Anthony Stewart ( Florida Panthers ), Tony Stewart ( NASCAR) Paul Stewart ( NHL REF)

  • 1 decade ago

    Most recently...

    John Tavares -for obvious reasons..

    Willy Taveras-Just signed for 6 mill by the reds..

    Ok wait they arent the same...

    Well theres all the smiths..Ozzie,Lonnie,Dave-Emmet./Steve..Billy..(actually according to hhof DB theres 49 of em). bad theres no hockey players named Rodriguez...hmmmm..

    Scott Gomez...Carlos Gomez and 10 other Gomezs' in MLB ..

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