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My mum told me "I am not her son, and never will be" and now she wont talk to me?

All she does is ignore me? I told her I was gay, and now she is acting this way? Why? How can I make her talk to me again? I really am hurt, how do I make my mum talk to me again?

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    Dude, now that the first step has been done, its time for second phase..

    if you will be after her, things might get worse... just continue your daily routine... school work stuffs... because if you start to act strange, it is more likely for her to distance from you... be cool...

    i know it hurts when she said all this and turned a deaf ear to you ( i know moms, i got one as well :P) but she is thinking about it... let her, allow herself time to digest it and think over it... she will accept you.. don't worry...

    how many times me and her got into fights and etc... then i would say i won't ever talk to her or she would not... but eventually in the end things gets better...

    you are her son... she loves you she got feelings and care for you... so don't worry, that just happens... just think how she took that info, put yourself in her place... allow a few days... things will get ok...

    you did nothing wrong in your life, you just have feelings for the same gender... i was a goon... sort of... but still, she loves me, well she does not trust me that much, but still, she is here.. so mom's take time to deal with certain unusual stuffs, i mean which they did not think might occur... i was a cool nice kid, who thought i would turn out to be bad guy...

    well sorrey about that but believe in yourself... allow her time to assimilate things... eventually things will get ok.. well maybe at some point later you will need to talk to her again...

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    She'll come around. Like everyone else said, it's hard for her right now, but if she remembers that you are still her son no matter what, she will come around again. She's just in shock right now.

    Your sexual orientation is your business and it shouldn't affect anyone else's life. You didn't choose to be gay, no one chooses to be gay. And, there is nothing wrong with being gay. But, parents still have a hard time with it (not all, but most). Bear with her.

    Hang in there...

    Source(s): I have friends that are gay and married now (YEAH)! Don't give up!!
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    Sweetie it is not easy accepting that a loved one is gay specially a son. Give her some time to deal with it. Now she is in shock and dealing with it.

    Don't talk to her for a while and when you think is convenient talk to her again

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    just give her time im sure shes just shocked about it...well if she doesnt accept the way you are then thats her fault. you were gay before so i dont get why she would act this way now. you are your own self but you just told the least you dont have to live in a world full of lies..

    email me for any more questions, im open to anything:

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    im so sorry : [ it was big news, i mean your gay and she just found out.give her time to get used to the idea and shell come reality you are her son and shell realize that but on her own time,wish i could make time go faster for you but..shes going to have to realize it sooner or later.just let her be for a few days;weeks whatever it takes and when shes ready,youll no..and being gay isnt the worse news a mother can get,shell realize thats to

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    It might take her a while. She could be thinking of those dreams all moms have about grand kids, she could be in denial. Telling people you are gay is a big thing. Most people , especially moms, can't handle it.

    Give her some time.

  • Give her time... Obviously shes really hurt... It hard for a parent to hear that there child is gay

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    awww i can relate to you. my mom can be really rude to me and totally ignore me. the other day she refused my hug and it made my eyes tear. shes probably hurt to find out that are gay. just give her time, hopefully she will come back to you. :) all the best!

    Source(s): having gay friends
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    Sometimes we do things that upset parents to the point of saying this such as.

    It doesnt always mean they mean it.

    It happens when they are dissapointed.

    You have to wait a while to make it better.

    But usually things improve and it gets better.

    Why don't you email me and we cna talk?

    My name is Kaitlyn.

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    its nothing to worry about she is just tryin 2 come to terms with your sexuality, she will get over it i think the best thing to do is to sit her down and chat about the situation

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