Can Piercings paralyze?

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Ive heard roomer after roomer about how getting a lip or eye brow piercing can paralyze your face. I dont believe this because Ive seen ppl who have their entire eyebrow pierced and more
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  • RS answered 5 years ago
There are lots of rumors out there about possible hugely bad side effects of piercings. For example, yes, it is true that an infection on your tongue piercing could possibly travel down your throat and into your heart, to kill you. However, that is like saying any infection on your body can travel like that. It is possible in the same way martians are possible, but not as likely.

This question falls into the same category. When one has a piercing, they go to a professional piercer who understands anatomy. They know what blood vessels, nerves, etc. will be a problem, and watch out for them. I have never heard of any important nerves in the lip or eyebrow region that would paralyze your entire face if hit depending on personal anatomy, but this falls into the realm of possibility. Most likely, someone was pierced, felt numb, and the rumors were passed, growing into paralysis. This is not even a rare problem- as far as I know, it does not exist.



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thats what i thought
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  • Silver answered 5 years ago
    Could you? Yes.
    Chances are, you wont if you get it done properly (a professional). If you decide to go pierce your face by yourself, they could.
    Odds are, if something goes wrong, you will just have a scar. The chances of becoming paralized is slim to none however.
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  • Lol people are so stupid these days, who ever told you that is an complete idiot, It;s very rare and have low chaces of your face being paralyed! I have my lip PIERCED and Im fine the only thing I know that's dangous is Touge pierceing cause there's nerves and vains in the tounge
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  • Tripp's Dad-3/29/09 answered 5 years ago
    no you cant get paralyzed from an eyebrow or lip piercing.

    i have 15 piercings and im totally fine
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