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Anybody can tell me why the price of fragrances jumped up so much since Dec.2007?

Some old colognes that were 20-30 dollars are now 80 dollars. Online stores used to be much cheaper than regular stores, but now they are off by only few dollars which ultimately does not pay to shop from them.

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    I have an even better answer for you! Who cares?! Why? Because you won't be needing to buy fragrances anymore. They are full of chemicals, test on animals, and are harmful to you and the environment to make. If you like to smell hot, use essential oils instead. Try a combo that smells good to you with some of the notes that were in your favorite old cologne/perfume. You will save money, smell hot, and impress the opposite sex with your natural and smooth fragrance, which softens skin as it is applied. Fragrance is a huge scam, ripoff and how the elite fashionistos make their cash. "Hi, I'm famous and you must want to smell like me, so why don't I start a perfume line..." Don't fall for the hype.

  • Inflation!!

  • 1 decade ago

    They need more money.

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