Can drinking too much water damage my kidneys?

I drink about a gallon of water a day, and have done so for 7-10 years. I know that water is good for you, but someone mentioned to me that it could be bad for my kidneys. If I don't drink water, I feel thirsty. I don't drink a lot of other fluids, maybe a couple cups of coffee a couple times a week, and an occasional diet soda. I have heard of water intoxication, but that doesn't really apply to me because I go to the bathroom all the time.

I started drinking the quantity of water I do when I was playing high school sports and was very active. As I got older and less active, it's like my brain never realized I don't need all of this water. I know that excessive water consumption can be a symptom of diabetes, but I go to the doctor for my yearly check-ups and have no other symptoms.

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    no, a gallon a day is fine. the body requires approximately 2/3 ounce per pound of body weight daily to thoroughly cleanse the body

    people have been killed by water, but that was during hazing/etc. where a funnel was used and water poured into the body by the gallons

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    Water is good for you. If you drink a gallon of water daily over the whole day that is not bad at all for your kidneys.

    There is something called water intoxication which happens when you drink gallons of water all at once and basically dilute all the sodium out of your body and you die from not having enough electrolytes.

    So dont drink large amounts all at once. Drink water slowly throughout the day. To prevent water intoxication eat salty foods such as pretels or chips.

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    In the city, flouride is added as well as other chemicals such as bleach to cleanse the water for drinking purposes. I would check with the water quality report at city hall. There are limits on the amounts of chemicals allowed. Even so, I doubt you can damage your internal organs from drinking it. However, I have well water (I live out in the country on 14 acres) and it has been tested and has no chemicals and only natural minerals. Being that I have grown up on well water from the tap and still drink it to this day, regular city water makes me want to gag when I drink it. lol So, who knows... there is something in there, but like I said, not likely to kill you or harm your internal organs.

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    I would recommend cutting down to a half gallon per day. When doing sports it was okay but not a good idea now.

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    I heard that excessive drinking of water might damage better speak to a clinician before it worsens....

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