Could you please tell me the difference between Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Peripheral Vascular Disease?

I was told yesterday by my doctor that I have Chronic Venous Insufficiency which I think I understand. However, I also came across PVD and then became confused. Are they the same?

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    chronic venous insufficiency is when your veins cant pump the blood back to your heart (so it pools in your legs).

    peripheral vascular disease (which common in diabetics or people with high cholesterol) is a problem with the arteries (not veins) that are clogged up (from atherosclerosis) and thus cannot deliver enough blood to the peripheral limbs (such as legs) resulting in symptoms of the pain (intermittent claudication or pain in calves after exertion) or ulcers.

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    venous insufficiency is a disorder of veins usually leg veins ,herein veins don't function properly.causes--dilatation and non function of valves in superficial veins resulting in stasis of blood or blockade of deep veins resulting in stasis and overflow of blood into superficial veins.

    pvd[peripheral vascular disease] is a term for blockade of limb arteries

    here [causes--atherosclerosis,accelerated atherosclerosis in diabetes and smokers,takayasu`disease.Burger's disease or some

    type of blood clot traveling from heart ]blocks the limb artery and causes poor blood flow further to the blockade.pvd is a sinister disease and can endanger the limb if not treated while pvd has better outcome and runs benign course.

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    not really

    insufficiency mean inadequate numbers of blood vessels

    PVD means the vessels are there but incompetent. Results are similar, but cause and treatment are different.

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