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Cam asked in TravelUnited StatesLos Angeles · 1 decade ago

Holiday to LA.......?

I would like to travel to LA for a 2 week holiday in august/september time.

I have an uncle there who I can stay with if I want to.

However I would like to spend maybe a few nights there, but the get a car and wherever! Not too far because like I say, I only plan on going for 2 weeks, and want to get my plane home from LAX!

Has anyone got any suggestions for routes to take to see the sights.....grand canyon, las vegs etc.......thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes drive to vegas only 4 hrs tops, its so fun if you havent been there and so hot you might not be able to handle it. if you drive here rent a convertible not that expensive and it u do its the nicest drive of your live i got a burn for the first time in my life from driving from vegas to cali

    um go shopping at only place good its better n cheaper than any mall youll find, ive been to them all SHOP AT


    i got 2 paris of ripped jeans for 70 bucks, chanel purse my dream one for 40 bucks, edhardy everything you could imagine. BEST SHOPPING IVE DONE IN MY LIFE SERIOUSLY

    BEST BEACH- Venice beach and santa moncica

    best food - IN MALIBU at PARADISE COVE

    you feet and table outside is in the sand literally and its on a private beach that ppl have to pay just to go its cheap and amazing food. onnly a 30 min drive from santa monica defently worth the drvie

    just type into google for address

    AUG SEPT AREN"T bad times to visit La i dont know what the girl is talking bout. I just went the past september and it was ausome beach every day it was so hot just how i like it, maybe she means its when summer is and it gets busy , i suggest going on sept 1st thats when i did and everyones done vacationing there and kids are back at school so not busy at all

  • 1 decade ago

    Aug/Sep is a horrid time to be in LA. If have no choice, then I suggest planning 2 day trips out of LA, San Diego and SF would be better choices to be in.

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