Just got dentures, how do you get the polident off your tongue, mouth, etc.?

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i just had surgery to remove top and lower teeth, and have a new denture..i am supposed to put it in for 2-3 hours each day, but it hurts a lot..anyways, i bought polident extra ...show more
Update : the other problem is.. i can't taste or chew food with the ...show more
Update 2: my surgeon said to brush the suture line with toothpaste, and my dentist ...show more
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never use any denture adhesive after a recent extraction.
why not?
this will impede the healing process.
use a moist gauze to remove excess adhesive
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  • Elizabeth C answered 5 years ago
    I work in a nursing home, and a lot of the residents use a denture powder instead of the paste. It's much easier to clean up after using it, and it's also easier to brush off of the dentures.


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  • Tscotty33 answered 5 years ago
    My dad has the exact same issues. When we go out to eat and he has to fix his dentures he usually carries a spit cup with him and complains of the same issues. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a real fix for this problem. The glue is about the only thing to hold the dentures in place unless your wanting to opt for the surgery that screws the dentures to your lower jaw. That's not a guarantee that it will totally fix the problem but many people go that route to avoid glue problems.
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