Maynard James Keenan fans, gather round...?

What do you really think of Puscifer? I just don't like them. Elaborate :)
Update: Hey Dave!

MCBC, I the fact that the couple of songs didn't make you want to hear more says it all. I wouldn't bother hearing more.
Update 2: Who cares if people get pissed? People should lighten up, huh? I think that MJK fans can be pretty humorless.

I thought APC was great though. Mer Des Noms is still in heavy rotation in my collection.
Update 3: Sorry about the TDs guys. I have a troll. How childish!
Update 4: Hey 80's man, KP and Shred.

Perhaps I am just spoiled? I am used to multiple eargasms when I hear Maynard sing.
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