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whose to blame from the world wide financial crisis is it Bush?

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    1 decade ago
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    No Bush is not to blame, he is, however, part of the problem along with just about all political figures in the west, and some in the east.

    The reason being is the Money Makers control our lives though our monetary, political and economic systems in more ways then most of us imagine.

    Who are these people?

    For starters, look at the money in your pocket.

    Look at the back of a dollar bill

    It says Federal Reserve System

    How many of you know that system is privately owned?

    How many of you know that the Federal Reserve System is controlled by a few banks and a handful of very rich people?

    How many of you know that the chairman of the Federal Reserve System is probably the most powerful man on the planet?

    The Federal Reserve System controls our money supply

    Prints our money

    Controls our Interest rates

    encourages you to be in debt

    lends money to our government while you the tax payer are paying interest on that debt.

    That our money is not backed by anything tangible, such as gold or silver, but only backed with a promise.

    In short, they control just about every aspect of your life, your money, your credit cards, your mortgage, your car loan, student loans, your retirment, etc.

    Including having their hands in getting us involved in money making wars.

    The smartest thing I ever did was chose to live debt free about 20 years ago. It is amazing how much of our money is eaten up by the Federal Reserve System, and how much more disposable income I had because I made the right choice.

    And more information about the federal reserve system:

    And this audio from Senator Ron Paul

    And video

    Youtube thumbnail

    Other prespectives

    For more information about this and other important issues, download this:

    TVU Player

    Then I would tune into:

    Channel 68078

    Exposing 9/11, police state and tyranny

    Documentaries about 911 and other social issues over and over again.


    "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    "Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce...."

    President Taft


    "If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn't be any money"

    Marriner S.Eccles

    Chairman and Governor

    of the Federal Reserve Board

    In another words, our monetary system is a debt system and only a debt system with no real money, only a promise.

    If all our debt both public and private were paid off, there would be no money at all.

    Thus the money makers want you and our government to be in debt.

    Think about it


    "This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the Commercial Banks

    Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in cirulation, cash or credit.

    If the Banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not we starve.

    We are, absolutely, without a permanent money system.

    When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is"

    Robert H Hemphill

    Credit Manager

    Federal Reserve Bank

    Atlanta, Georgia


    Perpetual Debt





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  • 4 years ago

    Very long question yet I study it. I particularly tend to accept as true with you. I additionally think of we'd desire to furnish Obama greater beneficial than a month to assist us. i think of that the disaster replaced right into an prolonged time coming. I stay in Michigan and we've considered it for years while no person else wanted to look. i'm a company believer that the financial industry, have been it no longer for his or her greed, might have staved off the worst of it yet chosen to conceal their own butts. now we'd desire to bail them out. and that they nevertheless are not doing what they might desire to be doing. a minimum of the motor vehicle businesses is a loan. I additionally blame Republicans as they controlled the rustic for 8 years and did no longer something to repair the guidelines that the financial industry replaced into abusing. I additionally blame the certainty that we've allowed our production to be taken over with the aid of foreigners. NAFTA isn't working. And to those who say that autos made with the aid of the former super 3 are in part or quite often made in different international locations, keep in mind that as quickly as you purchase an American motor vehicle the money is going staright back to an American company. purchase a distant places motor vehicle and the money is going back to that united states whether they have vegetation right here.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because Bush is the President the buck stops there but there is more than enough blame to share with Congress,the banks and all the other greedy people of the world. Peace

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bush ! The man who can't put two words together ? The dumbest president in the history of the country ? Thanks for that ! LOL !

    Seriously though, that's just another lie that when repeated enough by uninformed takes on reality. It began in the 90s when Clinton signed a law to encourage more home ownership. Typical of the law of unintended consequences, it encouraged loan companies to give loans to people who couldn't afford it. The Bush Admin warned Fannie and Freddie were increasingly in danger of collapse - the fact that the news media didn't report it because they didn't think it was important, is part of the problem. Barney Frank's ( Democrat ) live-in lover was in charge of one of the two, which held 70% of the failing mortgages. If you want to blame someone, blame Democrats.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Horrible policy regarding mortgages instituted by congress and supported by the President are to blame for the economic crisis. And I am talking several congresses and presidents back, not just the current.

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  • a m
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    1 decade ago

    no it is not Bush. If you remember, it was the democratic controlled congress who said, that nothing was wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when they had everything they needed written in black and white right in front of their face's that said clearly something was ceretainly wrong. Sure these bankers are at fault, but it is not all their fault, for loaning money to people whom they knew could not afford to pay the loan back. For instance, they were loaning people money for homes costing $250,000 and up. In order to pay the mortgage back, which averages over 1200 a month, these buyers would have to make over $10.00/hr. Fannie and Freddie were loaning money to people who were not even close to making this amount, and knew that these people could not afford it, but they did it anyway. However, we do need to take a look back to what really started our financial downfall. This began when Hurricane Katrina was heading towards the states that are on the gulf. Gas was around $1.50 a gallon, it went up $1, in a matter of days and here in NC it got up as high as $3.05 after it hit. Since then, the price has not dropped. The big gas companies, speculators, traders on wallstreet loved keeping those prices high and did so until prices reached an average of $4.11/gal this past summer.

    Due to the price of fuel increasing, this directly affected how we lived and traveled, it affected our food cost, which increased rapidly. This left americans having to choose the cheapest foods they could find, it also forced people to choose between paying thier bills and feeding thier families, many chose to feed thier kids so that they would not starve to death and get in trouble with DSS for neglect. so when we look to where we need to point our fingers to blame someone......I begin with the oil industry, and those specualtors and traders who have made millions from this industry to make sure that the price of oil was so high. Second to blame is the democratic controlled congress who refused to see what Fannie and Freddie was doing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is small wonder that so many of America's elite genuflect to Ronald Reagan and want to see his countenance emblazoned on the ten dollar bill. Reagan dropped a nuke on labor in the ongoing class war when he fired the PATCO air traffic controllers in 1981. When Reagan took office, union membership was 23%, down from its 35% peak in the 1950's. However, his withering blow greatly accelerated the precipitous decline of organized labor in the United States. By 2005 only 8% of America's private sector workforce was unionized.

    Brute force, propaganda, illegal firings, and state-sponsored murder imposed by the ruling class in the United States were not enough to deter the American labor movement from its diligent efforts to improve the lot of the working class. We can thank them for the eight hour work day, an end to child labor, increased safety in the work place, higher wages, and health and retirement benefits.

    Since the majority of the population is a part of the working class, a majority of people benefited from labor's gains. Sounds like a logical outcome in a nation which espouses democratic values. However, the minority in the ruling plutocracy was not pleased. Determined as they were to protect their interests, the modern day Money Changers discovered new ways to impose their economic brutality. (Imagine what Jesus would do on the floors of the stock exchanges).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He was at the helm supposedly steering this country through rough waters but it appears he was asleep at the wheel and his full attention was all about War and his cronies staying wealthy on our dime.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sure he is not blameless but probably not. It is greedy people - people who just want money, money, money. Companies that give up good customer service and products just to make a few more bucks as it were. Greedy people!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no and not the Gov.bad Business practices company's banks,insurance company's auto's they screwed it up the gov has regulations and laws but they can't run every company.

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