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Is August a good time to visit thailand?

Ive booked a wicked holiday in Thailand from 1st august, till 24th.

Ill be starting in Bangkok and the traveling down south to Koh Phi Phi Don, then from there to Phuket, and then to Koh Samui.

Im just wondering if its going to be hot when i go? And if so how hot?

How many sunshine hours and rain hours etc?

And i'll have to travel a lot by boat a fair bit to the differnet islands so is that going to be ok?


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    I have been in Thailand during, April, July, September and November and truthfully. I enjoy November more. Though you are going for a different reason. Yes, the "rainy" or Monsoon season is from March to October in general. It can start early and end late and it can take a break during that period. In the 12 times I have been to Thailand, mostly visiting Bangkok and a couple times visiting Pattaya, it has probably rained once or maybe twice during my stay during the April, July and September visits. And only once was I ever affected by it and that was the first visit in September 2004 for a few hours one night. The people I was with wanted to eat at 11 pm some chinese food in chinatown. hahaha I would watch the weather during the last 30 before your trip if you are worried about getting enough sun.

    July to October can be very hot, 30 to 40 degrees C or 90 to 105 F

    I don't think the rain has really affected what I do in Thailand for more than 1 hour at any time.

    So just enjoy.

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    Philippines in August is still good except for the rain. You have a lot of to do's here. You can visit the historical sites and even frolic on the beach if the sun is out. You have 7,100 island to choose from. Cruising in Thailand is also good. But, do not forget Bangkok. I have gone there, the temples are excellent and it has a touch of truly Asia and Amazing Thailand.

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    August is actually a rainy/monsoon season = jellyfish everywhere + unpredictable weather. Try visiting for more detail. According to that, August is pretty hot and humid.

    The best time to go to beaches in thailand is probably in the summer (April) where is probably LESS rain (but things are kinda messed up these days anyway).

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    Yes it will be hot and humid and rainy. But the rain will be short lived maybe 30 or 40 minutes it will come down hard in the late afternoon then it will get hot again and more humid. Travel by sea can be an adventure if you hit some ruff seas in a speed boat or small boat. I've seen many people get sea sick on trips. don't worry they have baggies on board the boats I'm glad I got an iron stomach.

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    Anytime is okay. It gets only hot during noon.

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    hot and rainy

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