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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

New Years Resolution That I want to Complete!?

im 20yrs old... im like 220.. i believe and i want to lose weight!! so me and my boyfriend talked about this before new years we started dating since high school "2003" its now "2009" and i guess be both gained alot of wait.. since we've meet.. we eat too mch fast food.. such as "mc donalds,farburger "our fav" and well we promised eachother that if we dont lose weight in one month it can be like 5 pounds...or 10...we are going to take something very valuable away frm eachother he knows i cant live without my cell he said if i dont lose it he will take it away..and he cant live without his ps3 so i said i would take that away, we both agreed.. and we didnt hrt eachother's feelings.. its obvios that we both want to lose weight..

my ? is how can i lose wait fast.. in a healty way.. what do you suggest i eat i know salad,friut but my addiction is chips!! how can i take that its not nomal to want something every 2 hrs to chew on... lol i know what should i do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Here are some options:

    Join Weight Watchers

    Set a goal to do a 5k with your boyfriend in say 6-12 months. Its a great goal to work for, you'll spend time together and you'll find that your eating habits change because when you eat crap, you feel like crap on your runs/walks. So you'll WANT to eat healthier :) Not to mention weight loss and toner muscles

    Become a vegetarian this year. (just this year) It will change your life :)

    Chew gum when ur full but u want to have something in your mouth

    Instead of chips, try other things that are crunchy. (You can start by switching to baked chips) Try baked crunchy snacks, bake bread until its crunchy, or try dehydrated fruit.

    Modify your high fat snacks. Instead of hamburgers try veggie burgers (Boca meat is awesome and flavorful) with all the fixins. Instead of high fat shakes, freeze two bananas overnight. The next day, blend them with milk and chocolate. It looks and has the same consistency of a shake and its nutritional and delicious. Instead of regular pasta, try whole wheat. Theres tons of books on how you can recreate a healthier version of your favorite fast foods.

    Walk around a health food store like whole foods. You will be amazed at what amazing products are out there, and you will learn so much about health/nutrition when you investigate the new things you see.

    Hope this helps :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Buy chewing gum! - If your a chewer like me.

    Also, try - Its a great site to help motivate you to loose weight. They also have cardio videos, workouts, calendars, food charts, calculators to calculator your average weight and so much more for free! Its a great site for both adults and teens ^_^

    Also, but LOTS of DIFFERENT fruits/vegetables so when you hungry, just snack on that! Also, fill up a big drink bottle and take it wherever your going around the house so you can drink more often :]

    As for the chip addiction...

    Buy pistachio nuts. They may look yuck and like you don't want to eat them, but taste EXACTLY like potato chips! I hated them the first time I tried them but then I tried again and now I'm addicted! They're very healthy too and much much healthier than the actual chips ^_^

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  • 1 decade ago

    well, i'm on a low carb diet, and i am also drinking alot of green tea. you can buy these packets that you mix in your water bottle... and with the 2 combined with excercise i lost like 25 pounds last month!! i know without the diet though, just with the green tea you can lose like 10 pounds a month. pretty good stuff. you can also get green tea pills... just make sure the pills are 100% green tea.

    Source(s): my diet
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  • 4 years ago

    Well I promise last year to get a big screen and in November I got a 50" in my living room. Does that count?

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