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    Hello there, I would like to share my personal experience of learning English. Here are some tips, and I hope that it will help you.

    1) 睇多D英文電視/電影 - 無論係咩﹐只要係英文﹐就OK。最好係自己鍾意嘅野﹐咁你會有多D興趣睇埋落去。Ex. 如果你果鍾意睇愛情片﹐你可以睇D英文嘅戲﹐好似 "P.S. I Love You", "Australia" 等等。初初可以睇字幕﹐一路睇﹐一路 compare下自己嘅理解同字幕係唔係一樣。當你睇多左﹐就唔洗 rely D 字幕㗎喇﹗﹗

    2) 睇多D英文書/刊物 - 可以係書 or magazine or報紙。重點都係揀D自己鍾意嘅野黎睇。 遇到唔識嘅字﹐一定要查字典﹐咁就會學到新嘅生字㗎喇﹗﹗睇英文書仲可以學到英文嘅文法 tim ﹗﹗

    3) 聽D英文歌/英文電台 - 如果聽英文歌嘅話﹐可以試下上網搵埋歌詞﹐一路聽﹐一路睇。聽電台嘅時候﹐可以唔洗太在意咁聽﹐志在慢慢將自己expose 係一個英語環景。之後在慢慢嘗試明白主持講嘅內容。

    4) 講多D - 唔好怕比人笑﹐放膽D去講。如果有D friend 一樣想學英文﹐同佢哋試下多D用英文交談 instead of 用中文﹐彼此鼓勵下大家。講得多﹐就會學得快D㗎喇﹗﹗

    These are some tips that I have used in order to learn English. I personally find the forth tip helped me the most. Just remember, the more you use a language, the easier it is for you to learn it. As long as you put in the effort, I am sure you will be able to master this language in no time!! Good luck!! =)

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    Write a short passage/journal and let someebody to check your grammar.

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    有無想過幫自己找一位好的外籍老師學好英文的發音, 拼音, 文法和聽講?? 我的先生是位英國人, 現職是一位英文補習老師, 擁有國際認可的TEFL/TESL英語教學文憑及多年教學經驗,可於任何時間上門替各學生或成人補習英文. 收費合理, 如有興趣可與本人聯絡:

    胡小姐 電: 6278-7528

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    Reading novels that pique your curiosity can be of big help. There are other ways to learn spoken English too:

    1. Listen to the English channels like CNN. If you have problem understanding the news, watch the Chinese channels first, and then watch the English one.

    2. You can go to the bookstore to buy those cassettes with English conversation examples, and practice along with the tapes.

    3. Buy a Talking Dictionary and install it into your computer. In that way, you can learn your pronounication of the vocabulary effectively.

    But bear in mind that your English will not be progressed to a large extent overnight. Please be patient and you will see the progress as days go by.

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