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鳳茜 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


我最喜歡的電影 』『我最喜歡的明星』

每篇作一分半鐘以上噶內容 最好就簡單 容易記

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    I myself have done several times of public speaking. To actually

    remember them all, you need bullet points. And these two pieces of

    writings below are just for the basic notion, for which what you

    SHOULD remember is the bullet points:

    bullet points ----(lead to)---the whole story


    My favorite movie is "the day after tomorrow". It is really interesting

    and exciting. The movie is saying what will happen if we keep

    polluting our lovely Earth, the end of the world will come for sure.

    The basic notion for the whole movie is actually about the whole

    world suddenly faced great disasters. Firstly, a massive tsunami

    came ,and killed millions of people. However it was not over yet.

    The temperature plummeted in a sudden and the whole New York

    turned into an "ice-land". Over billions of people barely squeezed in a spacious library. However even though the library was truly

    spacious, it wouldn't be actually possible to have that much of

    people inside.

    Days had passed, many people started to get impatient as they

    attempted to get out. However, whoever had made such attempted,


    Eventually helicopters came and rescued all the victims.

    I love it because I kind of angry with the people who are being so

    selfish. They should take concerns about the pollution!


    1:20 mins

    Bullet Points:

    - the day after tomorrow

    - describe how is it

    - end of the world

    - disasters (tsunami first, then temp. change which turned NY into anice-land)

    - billions people in a library

    - people impatient and died (why? They've gone out)



    2009-01-07 17:20:00 補充:

    I favorite star is Brad Pitt, who is an international American super star. He was born on 18 December, 1963. He is now 45 years old. Pitt has received one Golden Globe Award and an Academy award nomination

    2009-01-07 17:20:16 補充:

    Pitt graduated in Kickapoo High school; He was a member of the golf, tennis and swimming teams, which amazed me. He also joined in school debated and musicals.

    2009-01-07 17:20:25 補充:

    He started out his career in television guest spots in 1987. In 1994, he became an international famous star due to the success made in his performance in many movies.

    2009-01-07 17:20:28 補充:

    In2004, he starred in a movie called Ocean’s twelve. The success of the movie has led Pitt to have made his small success.

    I think Brad Pitt does know how to act, as well as react to the others really really well. He doesn’t have any minor problems. And that’s why I like him.

    2009-01-07 17:20:36 補充:

    1:05 mins

    2009-01-07 17:20:56 補充:

    Corrections: My favorite star is...

    2009-01-07 17:22:14 補充:

    Corrections: He also joined in school deBATES

    2009-01-07 17:22:53 補充:

    Bullet Points:

    - 1963-45 years old

    - Golden Globe award/Academy award nomination

    -KICKAPOO high school!

    - sports teams

    - career started in 1987 as a TGS

    - International star in 1994

    - small success in 2004


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