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中6 bio MC 4條...

1)transpiration in plants requires all of the following except

a.)adhesion of water molecules to cellulose

b.)cohesion between water molecules

c.)evaporation of water molecules

d.)active transport through xylem cells

2)which of the following is not a characteristic of parenshyma cells?

a.)thin primary cell walls

b.)flexible primary cell walls

c.)lack of specialization

d.)presence of secondary cell walls

3)a student examing leaf cross sections under a microscope finds

many loosely packed cells with relatively thin cell walls.the cells have

numerous chloroplasts.what cells are these?





4)an action spectrum is different from an absorption spectrum in that

an action spectrum

a.)is the light-transmitting pattern of a pigment

b.)is the light-absorbing pattern of a pigment

c.)is the relative effectiveness of different wavelengths for a specific


d.)provides evidence that a particular pigment is responsible for a

particular process

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    Q1 transpiration is related to the pulling force (choice c) and capiliary action (choices a and b)(cellulose means cell wall).

    Q2 parenchymas don't have secondary walls

    2009-01-07 12:00:09 補充:

    Q3 loosely packed, not c. thin walled, not b and d. upper parenchymas bear chloroplast.

    Q4 action spectrum involves the effectiveness of light use for chemical pathways.

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