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Which side are you on: Israel or Hamas?

I have been watching the fighting between the two for a week and I just want opinions. Personally I think that Israel is in the right.

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    I believe Israel has the right to defend itself.

    A quarter of a million Israeli citizens have been living under incessant terror attacks from the Gaza Strip with thousands of missiles fired over the past eight years.

    These missiles have been described as "home made" by the media. They are, in fact, deadly. Hamas has in its possession longer range Katyushas and Grad-type missiles which can cause devastation such as that on Monday 29 December as one Israeli was killed and 14 injured in a Grad attack on Ashkelon.

    Israel left Gaza in 2005, giving Palestinians the chance to run their own lives. Despite this, more than 6300 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel since then.

    During the past year alone, more than 3000 rockets and mortars have been launched into Israel.

    Since the end of a formal ceasefire (during which terror attacks continued) with Hamas came to an end on Dec. 19, more than 170 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israeli civilians including a barrage of some 80 missiles on Dec. 24 alone.

    As US President-elect Obama stated during a visit to Sderot five months ago, "If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I would do everything to stop that, and would expect Israel to do the same thing."

    No other country in the world would have exercised the amount of restraint that Israel has shown for the past several years without responding.

    The deterioration in the situation is the direct result of Hamas policy. It violated the calm, is firing against and attacking Israeli citizens, and is investing all its resources in arming itself and gathering power.

    If Hamas would renounce the path of terror, there would be no need for the Israeli action. Quiet will be answered with quiet, but terror will elicit a response.

    "We strongly condemn the repeated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel and hold Hamas responsible for breaking the ceasefire and for the renewal of violence there." - US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice

    "We talked to them [Hamas] and we told them 'please, we ask you, do not end the truce. Let the truce continue and not stop' so that we could have avoided what happened." - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

    "For quite some time, Egypt has been warning. Whoever tried to confuse the understand of [ignore] this warning, must bear the responsibility. The Prime Minister of Israel warned the Hamas and said: "You must stop, otherwise we will take measures in response." In response to what? To not renewing the calm, to the rocket fire. Just before the arrival of [Israeli Foreign Minister] Livni to Egypt, 60 rockets were fired from Gaza!" - Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit

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    i am on Hamas side

    The Occupiers who kill children and unarmed people can not be right.

    When Saddam killed 5000 Iraqi people in Halabche "everybody" said he is right but after 12 years "everybody" finally decided to say No he is wrong and you know the rest of his story! so do not count on "everybody"s opinion. He has to change his mind sooner or later because the truth will someday will show up

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    I am Iranian,and I believe Israel has the right to defend itself.

    We are not Arab and our culture and life rules are very different with them.

    In history, Iranian were humanist and they are famous to honor. After revolution in 1978 (with assistance by UK and USA), we live in Renaissance period. Our leaders have mental deficiency without any academic studies. They eat anything that want and say anything that follow in their mouth. They are thief in mendicant clothes ( our famous poet Sadee said it 800 years ago ).

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    Israel is right. hamas has had two goals from it's beginning. To kill Jews and to turn Israel into an islamic state. They have been firing rockets into Israel for the past year and Israel has said "ENOUGH."

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    I support Israel. Hamas is just a passing inconvenience.

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    I am for Palestine because their land is stolen. The world is not doing anything to punish the Israelis and so the palestinians in the form of Hamas have taken the law in hands. Besides, Israel keeps breaking UN resolutions and does crimes against humanity. They even use biological weapons on the palestinians. I dont think thats a sign that zionists are civilized.

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    i'll respond to this style. think of you have this living house, this extreme high quality living house someplace the place you greww up and all of sudden below a decree from the United international locations, a team of individuals come and take your place and land because of the fact "It replaced into theirs interior the cases of Moses". ok. after that, they start to push you around... they start up calling you names, marking you as distinct... and then, at some point, you come back from paintings such as you in lots of cases do and discover your assets and furniture out interior the streets because of the fact another kinfolk is now on your place, with the help from the government. no longer pleased with that, they save poking at you, reducing off your nutrients, medicine and capacity grant in simple terms because of the fact your attitude to the comparable god is distinct. Now you tell me.... might you attempt to combat back? The irony is, Hamas sends out a rocket and kills 25 israelis, it is TERRORISM. yet Israel retaliates (In civilian factors), and it is "self-protection"??? How does THAT paintings out? in case you beat up a canine and nook it an inch on a daily basis, no count number how tame, that canine WILL bite back, and probability is you have got a gut to shoot the canine ineffective, yet... quit and sweetness, why did that canine attack u interior the 1st place?? Israel is breaking ALL Humanitarian regulation. What theya re doing is a bloodbath below ANY term. lots of selfmade movies wwill tell the certainty. that's what you call ETHNIC cleansing, because of the fact they have coveted Gaza and Palestine because of the fact the UN placed them back in Israel. So, i will say I help HAMAS. Hamas shoots out little rockets and that's undesirable, however the magnitude of the retaliation is carefully out of line. they declare their strikes are self protection yet even NOW UN is investigating into it because of the fact it is in simple terms too lots. they decide on Hmas to quit taking pictures rockets? elementary: end THE profession IN GAZA!!!

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    I'm on the side of human rights and civilians. I'm not pro-Israel or pro-palestinian. Both are fighting for what they think is right. Both commit atrocities at the expense of civilians and human rights. Both sides kill civilians. Both sides commit terror. The only ones suffering are the innocents who are stuck in between.

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    Okay,let's make some stuff clear here

    isaerl so far killed over 575 civilains 60% are children the other 40% are normal civilains from workers and plice men..that has nothign to do with Hamas

    And Palestinians fighters only killed about 4 soldiers..and not civilians..


    i mean how can you be with israel and all they do is kill innocents..!!!!!!!!!!

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    According to leading archaeologists The Torah is a book of fantastic political propaganda and does not represent the historical facts about the Hebrews in Palestine. Th Hebrews as a race were exterminated by the Romans in 135 CE and the Euopean Jews, all of whom are completely European, not Semitic at all, have no historical nor of course (how stupid) "god"-given right to live in the "Holy Land".

    According to the Palestinians they never were asked whether the Jews could move into and take over their country, and so, like the American Indians before them, I think the country of Israel is a farce and should be disbanded voluntarily by majority vote of the UN and the remaining "Israelites." For the sake of world peace!

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