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Getting rid of pubic hair?

How do i get rid of the pubic hair without it hurting alot? Are their any creams that would do the trick or is shaving better?

thanks :)


I'm pretty much only doing this because my boyfriend wants us to take things to the next level.

I've considered waxing, yet think it will just hurt...alot.

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    Shave it - Temporary solution and risky

    Use hair removing cream - Temporary and not risky

    Wax it - have to done 5 or 6 times - Permanent but you have bear the pain.

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    If you have fine hair than definitely use a new disposable razor and some shaving soap. This gives a lovely clean smooth finish. If your heair is dark and or corse then dont do this as the result will be rough stubble or dark specles all over the area as the hairs return. For darker hair or corse stuff waxing is best though it does hurt. Never tried laser but have heard good things about it.

  • N M
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    1 decade ago

    never use any hair removing cream in pubic area nor waxing is advisable.shave is the best method

    enjoy your level next with ur bf.

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    Shaving is any time better n easier.u can also try VEET cream,but i ve heard dat skin tends to become dark wen u use cream.have u heard dat many women get that place waxed??yes dear,even waxing is an option but of course its very very painfull.try shaving or VEET.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    waxing is the best because there are no ingrown hairs and it lasts longer and really it doesnt hurt that bad after the first few times you get used to it

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    wax, after the first few times you wont feel it.

    shaving is alright too, no pain at all.

    but you get ingrown hairs and have to pluck them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    shaving will leave you unwanted grown hair; and a few days; it'll grow back ... idk why but pubic hair grows back faster; but always remember, we have hair to protect our vagina from bacterias; i recommend; only shaving/waxing the bathing suit line. & also you can get an irration from shaving; because it tends to get itchy; after we shave.


    shaving is the best thing; it'll last about three months.

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    the best way to get rid of hair is laser treatment, it targets the the root and gets u rid of them permanantly.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    personally i shave but make sure you dont press too hard cause it can cause little pimple like lumps but shaving is better and cheaper

  • john
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    1 decade ago


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