Can I become a CSI or Police officer with a 15 Year old Felony that has been gubernatorial pardoned?

So if I get a gubernatorial pardon then I don't have to disclose that ? well, I'm thinking the Military would be the exception?


quoting from the reference above

"Eligibility: 15 years after conviction or release from prison for felonies, 10

years for misdemeanors. Governor’s Executive Clemency Guidelines

(April 22, 2003) at 2 (available from the Massachusetts Parole

Board/Advisory Board of Pardons). Federal and out-of-state offenders are

ineligible for a gubernatorial pardon."

"Effect: Pardon “eradicates” a conviction. Guidelines, supra, at 1(F). The

Governor, upon granting a pardon, orders the records of a state conviction

sealed; thereafter, the existence of the conviction is removed for most

purposes. Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 127, § 152. “Such sealed records shall not

disqualify a person in any examination, appointment or application for

employment or other benefit, public or private, including, but not limited

to, licenses, credit or housing, nor shall such sealed record be admissible

in evidence or used in any way in any court proceeding or hearing before

any board, commission or other agency except in imposing sentence in

subsequent criminal proceedings” and when a person has subsequently

been charged with certain crimes against the person. Id. An applicant

may deny the existence of the conviction on an application for

employment, or in any other circumstance, and licensing authorities are

prohibited from disqualifying the application based on his record. “The

attorney general and the person so pardoned may enforce the provisions of

this paragraph by an action commenced in the superior court department

of the trial court.” Id."


I forgot to add this was a DWI felony..

Update 2:

Btw.. for the people like Sharon. This was 15 years ago. And the only mistake I've made.. please don't be so quick to judge. I'm happily married, own a home, don't drink, drug or even smoke.. I'm just looking to enjoy life - thanks

Update 3:

thanks Art.. sadly expungments are no longer done in Mass from what an attorney tells me .. I could have it sealed but I don't think that would be enough

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    "IF" you can get it then you would be OK.

    But you might have better luck asking for an "expugment"

    Pardons from the Governor's office are very rare and you might need a few friends on higher places.


    Well if there is no Expungement in Mass then the Pardon is you last chance, so give it a try.

    Also you might need to pay a good lawyer to help you on the paperwork, BUT be realistic that probably you wont get it since the Governor grants pardons only to a few number of people and there is a long line of applications before yours.

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    People don't understand what a pardon is. It only releases you of your civic penalty (jail time, probation, community service etc.) You are still guilty of the crime. So unless you are in jail, a pardon does you no good.

    Also, at least here in CA, you must disclose ALL convictions (even if sealed or expunged), and all FELONIES committed (even if you were never caught). You then have to certify all your claims by polygraph test.

    Even if you do some fuzzy legal maneuvers, AND find an agency SOMEWHERE in the u.s. to hire you, you will be stuck there and unable to move up or around the career ladder.

    Las Vegas PD will hire with up to two dwi's (though not felonies). So if you somehow got your records expunged, I could see you working there. It would be one in a million though.

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    I'm sorry, but a DWI felony tells me you either had prior DUI convictions, in which case you are either an alcoholic, or recovering. Or, you were involved in a DUI accident.

    Either way, you can get all of the pardons you like, you are highly unlikely to work in law enforcement.

    Sorry, but that is unfortunately the price of mistakes in our youth.

    Source(s): Retired Chief of Police
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    you have got it sealed yet once you fail to show a criminal conviction to the historic past investigators and that they locate out you would be terminated. i can not think of any lab hiring a CSI with a criminal record. this is a protection criminal expert's dream come genuine. you have got 0 credibility as a witness and something you do would be "tainted". some errors are continuously, sorry. i will basically think of the protection drooling with you on the stand. the line of thinking could ask approximately your criminal conviction and then bypass on approximately you driving on an analogous time as intoxicated, the protection could then say that your judgment is obviously suspect and which would be that. in case you desire to objective besides I say bypass forward yet be truthfull up front to the historic past human beings. usually any criminal conviction will disqualify you from working in regulation enforcement. do no longer misinform them, greater helpful they comprehend from you. mendacity to them will in basic terms reason you lots greater hassle.

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    You probably can!! I heard just recently that police departments are hiring felons!!!

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