What is life as an ABH in the Navy?

Im going into the Navy as an aircraft handler, and i was wondering what the life was like for someone in this job. Like how much time would i be able to spend at home, and when out at sea, how long is a typical trip?

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    You will probably start off as a Blue Shirt chocking and chaining down aircraft moving them around with a tow tractor. Then depending on the manning in your division you can be a Yellow Shirt (Aircraft Director), Crash and Salvage, etc. If you end up getting sea duty you will get out to sea for about 6 months and be back on shore for 18 months. This is not including work ups, carrier qualifications (CQ), etc. Within those 6 months you get to go the Australia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Guam, Hawaii, Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea. It's pretty neat being in the Navy because we travel all over the world. I don't know any other service besides the Marine Corp that go to the same places we go to.

    Source(s): AD2(AW) U.S.S. Kitty Hawk 2006-2008
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      That is about accurate, I was in 89-96. One thing I would add, depending on which fleet will determine your deployments and port of call. If you are in the Pacific fleet you will see ports there, Atlantic fleet, Europe etc. It will be what you want it to be. Long days, dirty and dangerous.

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    ABH is definitely the better of the three. All three on a ship (carrier) are work intense (meaning a lot of hours). ABE's work in the catapult spaces and some up on the flight deck. ABF, refueling aircraft. that equates to hauling fuel hoses to all places on the flight deck (heavy work). There are other spots like the hangar bay maybe even getting a squadron and making plane captain.

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    Its what you make of it. If you want to do your job, you will love it regardless of what you do.

    Dont worry about going out to sea, youll be with THOUSANDS of other people, and there are plenty of large open spaces on a carrier.

    Dont ever let yourself think poorly about your job. Think about moving forward, but never rip on yourself.

    Good luck

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    dirty, running around with chains. your goin' out to sea shippy.

    ad2 whats up? was ams2 on the connie.

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