Anyone else heard about this?

Barak Hussein Obama may be the antichrist? The clues that I have read are very interesting.

OK here are the antichrist characteristics compared with Obama:

1. The beast (antichrist) will rise from the sea Revelation 13. Obama was born on a Hawaiian island.

2. The antichrist will be different from all the kings (rulers, in our case presidents) before him. Barack is certainly different from every other president.

3. He will be worshipped. Many people around the world actually call Obama the Messiah, the One, Saviour, and I just watched a video with teenagers doing a march and calling Obama, Alpha and Omega. He is the only president in history to be openly declared as a messianic figure.

4. 2 Thessalonians 2 says that the beast will be known as the lawless one. On Nov. 11 2008 Obamas codename chosen by the secret service was "renegade". Renegade means-lawless one, rebel, deserter.

5. The antichrist will start small but rise great in power...His power will not come from himself. (I think this means he will rise to power by other powerful people). In 12 years Obama went from Chicago community organizer, to US senator, then steamrolled over the Clinto machine with Democratic superdelegates unable to resist him. Obama was supported by Oprah Winfrey, Ted Kennedy, Louis Farakhan, Spike Lee, and much of Hollywood supported him. Hurricane Gustav came and postponed the Republican Convention. Just as McCain got ahead Wall Street crashed almost ensuring Obamas win. The night before elections obamas grandmother died (sadly), which would open up a sympathy vote.

6. The antichrist will speak like a lion. Obama is a Leo with an uncanny speaking ability.

7. In revelation it is believed that the figure on the white horse who goes to conquer is the antichrist. In the Quran it is said Muhammad was carried by a white horse. The name of the horse is Burak.

8. Revelation 17:12-13 says that 10 kings (rulers) will receive power from the beast in one hour. The day after election Obama made and received phone calls from 10 heads of nations including the anti American president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

9. He will cause great devastation. Obama plans to get our soldiers out of Iraq (which I want too), but a US general said that if soldiers were prematurely pulled out of Iraq it would cause GREAT DEVASTATION.

Now the next clues may seem more coincidenta; but they are none the less amazing.

1. The winning lottery #'s in Illionois (Obamas home town) were a pick 3 and a pick 4. The pick 3 was- 666, and the pick 4 was 7779.

666 is the number of the beast, 777 is the number of completion, and 9 is the number of judgment. And 3+4=7(completion).

2. The bible code has the name Obama found in Revelation 13. This passage is the best descriptive scripture pertaining to the antichrist.

I thought these things were very interesting and I am looking at Obama closer now. There is one thing that the bible says about the antichirst that Obama does not seem to correlate with and that is, the antichrist will have no interest in women, but Obama is married with children.

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    I think you have a loose definition of "interesting".

    1. Hawaii is not a sea. It is surrounded by water, as is all land mass on Earth.

    2. Every president is different unless the same person is re-elected.

    3. Typically, the ones calling Obama a Messiah-like figure are cynical political opponents who are resorting to name-calling as a form of argument. People look up to Obama because he exudes confidence, poise, and a refreshing outlook for the U.S. that is both methodical and rational.

    4. Renegade doesn't mean someone who is lawless. It is a rebel or, in an archaic religious sense, a deserter. His handle is Renegade because his campaign platform was centered around changing the political climate. (Fun Fact: George Bush's handle is Tumbler because he was at one time a heavy drinker.)

    5. The American Dream to many conservatives is "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps". However some ridicule Obama for having done just that. The Democratic primaries was hardly an Obama steamrolling. Every politician has powerful acquaintances. Spike Lee is neither powerful nor influential.

    6. Obama is a great orator. Lions cannot speak. Astrology is pseudoscience.

    7. If I remember correctly (could be wrong here) I believe the rider of the white horse was Michael the Archangel - quite the opposite of the antichrist. ...Not sure about the Quran, but Burak isn't the same as Barrack just as Yahoo isn't the same as Yoo-Hoo.

    8. A day later is not an hour later... How did Obama give those with whom he spoke "power"?... I doubt he only spoke to 10 leaders.

    9. You agree with Obama... Are you the antichrist?

    1. (1... why not 10?) I never heard about this... Illinois is not a town... Numerology is nonsense.

    2. The Bible Code has been proven as nothing more than a mathematical certainty in texts of almost any length. It holds no prophetic significance.

    There you go. Critical thinking is a wonderful thing. Give it a try sometime.

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    I don't normally dry my hair with an electronic device, but since you asked, I've never heard voices in my blow dryer. Maybe you turned it up so loud that the people who are shouting at you to hurry up and get out of the bathroom sound like little whispers coming from the blow drier to you.

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    Okay. As I am to understand, people will not suspect who the Anti-Christ is. Now tons of people are saying this man is. He has shown none of the wisdom the anti-Christ is suppose to have, except that a lot of people fell for his lies .... And I don't believe he is Jewish ...

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    The Bible is quite clear in saying the anti-Christ will rise from Europe.

    Besides, if you share the most common view of end times events, the church will have already been raptured from the earth pre-tribulation, thus true Christians won't even be around to see the anti-Christ rise to power.

    This kind of BS (deliberately declaring who is who) just gives Christians everywhere a bad name. I mean even fundi John Hagee condemned it.

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    I've always suspected he may be the antichrist except that that figure is supposed to come from Europe and take power after the Rapture which hasn't occurred yet. Am very nervous about him - and about to leave my church since I am angry at them for pandering to him when he has beliefs contrary to the Christian beliefs they endorse and teach. Afraid we will suffer greatly with this obamanation.

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    Hmmmm . . .

    Daniel 11:37 says "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women . . . "

    What is the desire of women? Babies. Obama is pro-abortion.

    Also, during the campaign (I think before he was nominated) he was over in Europe making a speech. What was he doing? Running for king of the world?

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    very interesting facts. No one knows for sure who is the anti christ but EVERYONE will find out when he/she is revealed. Obama could be the anti christ but only time will tell. I love all the facts on this also it's always good to keep up on your bible and do your research.

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    Wow. I too tought about this. some people say that the end of the world will be 2012. I noticed blacks were voting for obama just because he was black and alot of white really love him. i just hope everyones keeps their eyes open. obama does seem to be to good to be true.

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    Very interesting thoughts.

    You answered my question.

    I was honestly looking into this as well...but then I thought, Obama is already married.

    And remember that EVERYONE is going to love him. EVERYONE is going to want him to rule. Then, during his rule...the bad guy will take over.

    So in my opinion...he's not the anit-christ.

    Mooshy is right.

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