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What causes us to pick our dominant hand?

also are you right or left handed?

I'm left and I just would like to make a comment that computer mouses are a serious pain. Does anyone know if I can possibly switch my computer to left-handed?

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    I am left handed.

    To set you mouse to left handed click on the Start button, Control Panel and below the heading Hardware and Sound click Mouse or Click on Hardware and Sound and then select mouse. On the top of the buttons tab at the top you can check the box to turn your mouse left handed, then move the mouse onto the left hand side of the keyboard.

    Most computer mice are designed for use by left and right handed people, but some - especially the ergonomic mice - are made for a specific hand. If more than one person uses the computer it is best to have a universal mouse.

    It is determined by genetics, 90% of the human population are right handed with even less being ambidextrous (using both hands, although even they find that one hand is slightly better than the other) and if there is a left handed person in the family chances are that there are others. The only other relative I know who is left handed is my grandfather, he was originally left handed but his school 'corrected' this so he now writes with his right hand (much more badly than with his left), he writes with his right but does everything else with his left hand.

    The side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body, e.g. the right hand side of the brain controls the left hand side of the body.

    I have always used my mouse on right handed and although I have switched to left handed use I find it is much like writing with the wrong hand.

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    It depends on which side of your brain is more active. If your brain is more active on the right, then you will be left handed, vice versa. And you can plug your mouse into the left hand USB plug, so you can control it with your left hand.

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    ok go into the control panel from the start button then go to the mouse option ans open it.

    the first box says button configuration check that box and press ok.

    this causes the left and right click to swich places which will make working with it with your left hand easier.

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    get a left handed mouse

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    I'm a left handed person too but I perfer using the right hand house as I am used to it.

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    i think it may be genetics, but idk. and try to change the settings on your computer. there may also be mice specifically designed for left handed people (but i'm not sure about this. i mean, it's possible, rite?)

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    if the left side of your brain is stronger you use you right, if the right side of your brain is stronger, you use your left.

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