Questions about Law Enforcement...?

I am currently a Junior in High School and I'm looking forward to becoming a cop and one day a sheriff (if that's the promotion). One of the reasons why I want to be a cop is because I like a job where you could move up ranks. Another reason is because my family tells me this Job suits me perfectly and its something I want to do also.

I have some questions about it though, because right now I don't know much.

What classes should I take my next and final year of high school?

- My options are AP Physics, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Environmental Science, AP Stats, AP Calculus, Calculus, Business.

(I hope if the ones I need is not listed above you could point that out for me)

What type of Degree would I need and what would I need to major in, or is there something else I could major in and still become a cop?

How long would I need to stay in College before I can start working?

Can I be in some type of Law enforcement job and still go to college?

Does Law Enforcement pay for my College classes...etc.?

What type of person usually becomes a cop or goes into the area of Law Enforcement?

I heard Law Enforcement pays for your vacations, what are the other benefits?

Please try to answer as many questions as you can. By the way I live near Chicago so if your answering this and you live in or near Chicago, please tell me what college you went to and what is your salary.



What should my GPA be?

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    The biggest thing you need to concern yourself with in high school is your GPA.

    College is a different story, you should major in Criminal Justice.

    Minor in Political Science

    Working in LE in college is hard, most states require you to be 21, but you can do the Police explores program.

    Also in most department if you have a BA, or BS degree you earn about $350 a month more.

    Our starting pay is about 37,500 and that is not overtime or extra money you can earn off duty. In San Antonio Texas you can earn as much as 75,000 with off duty employment and overtime.

    Strive for the highest you can GPA

    Source(s): Police officer 24 years
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    Take as many psych courses (psychology) as possible.

    They will help keep you straight when you get pressure from both sides, top and bottom.

    Then study as much law as you can.

    Finally, any courses in communication, speaking and writing will help, because that's all you are doing most of the time.

    This will put you on the fast track to promotion.

    Start squeezing a rubber ball to build strength in both hands. You want to build up "farmer's hands."

    Get a black belt in Judo.

    Never take bribes.

    Good luck.

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    in case you prefer to be a "sniper" you could desire to first be 21 and connect a police accademy, after turning out to be a member of you will could desire to have correctible innovative and prescient of 20/20 (meaning you might have perscription contacts or glasses as long as your innovative and prescient is 20/20). then you definately could desire to attain in the appropriate 10% (5% for some departments) on your objective tests, in which you shoot a objective and the greater accurateyour pictures are the better your score is. After acheiving this you may could desire to end the academy and alter right into a placed up qualified regulation enforcement officer, then communicate to a better up approximately testing for SWAT or SRT. as quickly as your utility is prevalent to test you will could desire to attend the test and carry out at a point which maximum the can't to be prevalent. as quickly as prevalent your taking pictures skills would be examined returned with greater high quality weapons alongside with countless sub-device weapons and ARs, with the intention to BE APPOINTED AS a pointy SHOOTER you could desire to attain VERY severe ON the two, in all probability have the appropriate score or a minimum of be runner up for appropriate score on your squad. After this you'll be examined on long selection weapons alongside with bolt action rifles, semi computerized severe high quality weapons to boot as your remark skills. as quickly as your accuracy is set to be that that's acceptabl for branch standards you will formally be a SWAT sniper this is on call, even with the shown fact that, maximum calls you would be asked to accomplish as a classic SWAT agent particularly than grant long selection help as that's disruptive to a pair civil factors. sturdy success. p.s. observe that millitary journey will placed you way ahead of the cut back

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