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An American in the royal family, who is he?

Fun trivia:

Someone pointed out to me that there is a descendant of George V who is an American citizen, by right of jus soli, or because of his birth on American soil. I don't know if he has ever pursued his rights of citizenship or if he cares. He's in the line of succession because he s legitimate, and he is 23 years old with an unusual name. Who is it?


The consitution says that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." So he is automatically a citizen. He doesn't have to apply based on his birthplace. He could specifically renounce his citizenship, but I doubt that he would do that. He may have not had any reason to "make use" of his citizenship, since he is probably not worried about his next meal.

His mother is also an American.

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    It would be Tewa Ziyane Robert George Lascelles, son of The Honourable James Lascelles. This makes him a great great grandson of King George V through his only daughter, Princess Mary the Princess Royal. Princess Mary's eldest son is the current Earl of Harewood, James Lascalle's father.

    Tewa was born on 8 June 1985 in Edgewood, New Mexico

    He is 46th in the line of succession.

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    Well there goes the neighbourhood. Please note the spelling.Just a little trivia. Edit I see a lack of humour here.

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