Choosing fave football team.....?

I have no true fave football team. I have no idea which team to pick.

I have some teams that I like. And what makes it even more harder is tht they all made the Playoffs!

Anyways, here's the teams:

Carolina Panthers(won division)

Atlanta Falcons(wildcard)

Phillidelphia Eagles(won division, wildcard)

Indianapolis Colts(wildcard)

So out of those 5 teams which one should I pick as an absolute favorite?

Thanks in advance!


yea. i did already ask this question.

i had to take dallas of my list though.

Btw: whoevr said Eagles didnt make playoffs look @

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    I think you have chosen some great teams. I won't tell you exactly what team to choose, because then I am guilty of being biased. Here is what I will say. I think out of those teams you have given, you need to evaluate each team based on players, performance, and coaching styles. Each team has a unique player or players. For example, the Colts. Many like Peyton Manning because he is a great player and he is marketable for the league. Others like the Panthers for the reason of their defensive stance and their running back DeAngelo Williams. Whatever the reason for liking a team, it usually has to do with the players, and performance of the team itself. Look at the players. What do you like most? Which player stands out to you the most? Performance wise, what is it you like about the teams game plan? Look at the whole picture, not just the fact that they are popular. Don't take my word for what team you should choose, but evaluate each one individually.

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    Of those 5 go with the Colts.

    The Panthers (or Gaythers) historically suck and have had a string of luck this season

    Falcons suck, but their QB is amazing and is the only reason they'r in the playoffs (Matt Ryan)

    Philly Eagles have a amazing QB (Donavan McNabb) and an amazing DEFENSE. But never won a super bowl

    But honestly your favorite Football team should be the Pittsburgh Steelers here are reasons why:

    - They won their division and are in the playoffs too

    - Second best team in the AFC

    - Best Defense in the NFL

    - Troy Polamalu, who has intercepted at least one catch for 6 straight games and an amazing Strong Saftey

    - They are the only team along with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Fransico 49er (both of them didn't make it to the playoffs) that has won 5 Super bowls

    - Have the best fanbase in the NFL that is only comparable to the Oakland Raiders

    And again the Steelers Defense is the No.1 Ranked in the NFL

    Source(s): Diehard FOotball fan
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    Favorite: Detroit Lions Most Despised: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Don't be an Eagles fan because they have a reputation for being the worst in pro sports. I think you should be a Panthers fan because they have great players and are a solid team to back in years to come. I don't recommend the Falcons or Colts.

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    Eagles didnt win the division...

    But you should like the team you like to watch... don't jump on the wagon. You should ask yourself, where do i live? Pick that local team...

    I also only see four teams

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    you could pick the colts like stephan says but they got owned by san diego so apparently they dont have the best players,

    pick a team that fits your personality the best ,for instance if you were a scum bag you would pick the raiders or the titans,

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    1 decade ago

    Real fans don't pick their favorite team. The team picks them. So basically, you have to figure out which team it is you truly enjoy watching week in and week out. If you still can't figure it out, then it might be best to remain a fair weathered fan. Nothing wrong with it.

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    Eagles didn't win division, they are wild card. If I was you, pick the Panthers. Smash and Dash!!!

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    Like I said when you asked this question a few moments ago, you sound like you'd make the PERFECT New England Patriots fan.

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    Colts they got great players and are a great team

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