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Why would Israel start something in the middle of a transition?

Ok, Bush had just left from over there. 6 days had elapsed from the treaty that Israel & Hamas had. Israel has blocked anything from going in & out for the Palestinians. Then they said that Hamas was stockpiling! Instead of entering into an agreement which they decided that Hamas is wrong. Of course then the rockets that got just close enough started to be launched.

Is this another S. Ossettia?

Why didn't Bush let them know that the "weaponry" story was to close to WMD and that it may look circumspect.


Hamas & Israel have had a 6 month peace treaty, so this 9 weeks of bombing is not true.

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    Israel was created out of terrorism. They used terror tactics to pressurise the West to give them land in Palestine

    1944 The "assassination of Lord Moyne" British Middle East envoy

    1946 "King David Hotel Bombing" in which 92 people killed

    1948 The overnight massacre of 260 residents in village - the "Deir Yassin Massacre"

    1948: "The Semiramis Hotel Massacre" Bombs planted in hotel entrance and basement. Hotel collapsed - killing guests.

    1948 The "assassination of Count Bernadotte" Swedish UN envoy appointed by USA to mediate between Arabs & Jews..

    1953 Israeli squads entered "Qibya village" and systematically killed 60 residents.

    1956 Israeli Terrorists enter village at night & shoot 47 Palestinians in cold blood - the "Kafr Qasim Massacre"

    These were all Terrorist attacks carried out in pursuit of their cause for a state of Israel.

    Once they got the land - they embarked on a campaign of attacks on Palestinians and this has continued until the present day.

    Any signs of resistance from the Palestinians are branded "terrorism." But it actual fact - it has been the other way round.

    Source(s): Anybody wanting sources/links - just google. I suggest you use the phrases I've put in "speech marks" - that should give you a Google result of some sort.
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    This is the last draw. Isreal must assert itself when it is surrounded by hate-filled crazed religious extremists who just wanna wipe them out completely . You cant haven peace with these people . Hamas must be taken out completely in order for Palestine to achieve prosperity in the smallest degree , even though some other terrorist group might come along. What Hamas is doing is unacceptable . They are blaming Israel for civilian casualties , when they purposely position themselves in civilian quarters? Where is the international outrage when Hamas was firing rockets

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    Yes, there is something not quite kosher about this. Israel is about to hold elections, and they probably are starting to get the message that the US will not be as friendly as in the past eight years. So they decided now was the time to do as much damage as they could, before the rest of the world community tells them to knock it off.

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    Based on what's been reported, I don't think Israel cares about this transition right now. They are trying to halt the 9 weeks of relentless bombings. And, they did give Bush a heads-up that they were going into Gaza.

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    From what I gather from news reports, Israel did not start anything.

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