I need help with symbolism of the seven deadly sins?

Ok, I'm making an art project and the theme is the 7 deadly sins. The project will have a man who's head is to the ground. His hands are coming up and ripping the top of his head apart.

-On the left hand, he'll have 4 wedding bands (lust)

His mouth will be open (he's screaming)

-Teeth are rotting (in the rotting spots, the word "glutton" appears

Out of where his head is cracked, fingers will be coming out

-The fingers will be holding money (greed)

His eyes will show anger

The eyebrows will be facing downwards (wrath)

(*MAYBE: in his iris, the word "wrath" will appear)

Now that I got what is done out of the way, I need ideas to symbolize:

Pride - self explanatory

Envy - jealousy

and Sloth - depression/joylessness

Please if you have any symbols of those three sins I could tie into the painting, let me know.

Also, If you have any suggestions on the sins I've already come up with symbols of, let me know




I thought SLOTH meant laziness at first, but i did research and it said that people have changed the meaning to laziness over time, that the original meaning of sloth was depression/joylessness

Update 2:

If you can't tell, I don't like normality...

I want something a lot different than what anyone else would do (example: crown for pride)... that's what everyone thinks of when someone says pride... so I was hoping for something different and not so cliche?

but i do appreciate the effort ahha

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    well, i know that green is the symbolic colour of jealousy...so you could perhaps consider incorporating the colour green in somewhere?

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    Seven Deadly Sin Symbols

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    7 Deadly Sins Symbols

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    This Site Might Help You.


    I need help with symbolism of the seven deadly sins?

    Ok, I'm making an art project and the theme is the 7 deadly sins. The project will have a man who's head is to the ground. His hands are coming up and ripping the top of his head apart.

    -On the left hand, he'll have 4 wedding bands (lust)

    His mouth will be open (he's...

    Source(s): symbolism deadly sins: https://bitly.im/zM9gv
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    ok, im actually doing the seven deadly sins as my AP studio concentration and i saw this so yea.. w./e

    but for pride he could be holding a mirror or have pictures/photos of himself around him

    envy could be like maybe other people are still envious of him even though all of this is wrong with him.. so people like standing off to a side with jealous expressions and arms folded.. :)

    and for sloth im having trouble with but im thinking something along the lines color choice..light blue is the symbolic colour.

    (other help)

    Sin Punishment in Hell Animal Color

    Pride broken on the wheel Horse Violet

    Envy put in freezing water Dog Green

    Anger dismembered alive Bear Red

    Sloth thrown in snake pits Goat Light Blue

    Greed put in cauldrons of boiling oil Frog Yellow

    Gluttony forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes Pig Orange

    Lust smothered in fire and brimstone Cow Blue

    these are just some other things in case you decide to pursue the seven deadly sins.. and good luck.. i'd love to see it(if you didnt mind)

    my email is jen_balina@yahoo.com

    hope i helped. happy 2009

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    Sin is a congenital disease, every human allegedly has it. Apparently it involves genetic damage caused by the ingestion of a drug called "The Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil."

    Laziness is a symptom of depression! Indeed taking initiative, even in foolish manner, is a sure sign of a cure or remission, according to David D. Burns, author of "Feeling Good Handbook", cited below.

    Pride could be symbolized by a flaming crown, envy by green eyes? And sloth could be symbolized by being chained to his bed (although that might be misinterpreted as Lust unless you label it!)

    What you have reminds me of a Tarot card, only with "closed captioning for the symbolically impaired." Lotsa luck.

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    Why is his head to the ground with the hands ripping? I'm thinking you could put him in a hammock or a La-Z-Boy for sloth and looking over the fence at his neighbor's new Escalade for envy. Perhaps pride could come in him beating his chest or flexing his biceps and maybe wearing a bunch of bling monogrammed "M.E." It may be hard to do pride justice if you keep his head on the ground, since pride always seeks elevation.

    If you'd like a quick summary to see how I understand the 7, here's a link:

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    First -SIN

    Pride: Is one that believes that all is well. That he dose not need to change.

    That it is always the other persons Fault .Thinks that he is learned and

    dose not need any more. They always answer Questions, that they have

    no true answer to. They think of them selves as being better then

    others. There Right and ever one is wrong. Pride the cause so of much


    Second SIN

    Envy: May envy hockey players and sports game heroes as there idles and many want to be like them. many people Envy others, But God is the only being that we all aught to ENVY Dose he not lead us by example to follow him.

    Third SIN

    Gluttony: Why do so many seek for the riches of the world .And seek to gain more then what is need it . Should we not seek for Gods kingdom for all that he has for us instead.

    Forth SIN

    Lust: Why have more then what is given to you a wife or a husband .is all that one needs .Lust ; the cause of much suffering in relationships. Be grateful for what you have .It is a Sin and a great Sin, when one Lust upon another. If they be married. Never look upon a married man or women to lust .Why cause your self and the one you love to suffer. Porn is evil, The cause of so much DISTRUCTION.

    Fifty SIN

    Anger: It causes suffering. To ever one that is angered with someone. It builds Hate in your heart ,You want revenge. PLANE AND SIMPLE Anger means to destroy the one that you are angered to. One can not grow with anger in his heart (learn to forgive to be free )

    Sixty SIN

    Greed: Taking more then what is need it, selfishness ,Taking no thought to give to another. A person who is spiritually dead.

    Seventh SIN

    Slothfulness: Not doing the things that we aught to be doing. Being lazy, couch potato. Not helping when we see some one in need..

    I can testify that if we learn to remove these 7 Sins from our lives. That your life will change, Were you your self well be an example to others that see you for the good that you do to others. Great are the blessings that your heavenly Father will give to you. For your SACRIFACE in this Life. Because think about it. For one to change his ways, isn’t He or She making a sacrifice. Even as Jesus Christ gave his life for you .He sacrificed him self for you and are you willing to make a sacrifice for him. Amen Ps Remember those that are offended ,Choose to be offended, Because of there Pride. and what is the First deadly SIN. Pride. Amen

    The seven deadly Sins

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    First thing I thought of for pride was a crown (kind of symbolizes self worship , Envy you could make the person green, sloth is a hard one good luck with your project

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    pride: crown, or something that shows he thinks he is royalty

    envy: i like the green, or has green eyes with his neighbors house and stuff reflecting in them

    Sloth: the pic. itself is joyless, but surrounded by late bills, and a pile of his own waste (not poo, just things that he should have done that are now too late to do, like a dead plant or fat dog.)

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    1 decade ago

    Pride could be symbolized by earrings or lipstick or makeup of some sort or even a gold crown of some sort.

    With jealousy he could be green with envy.

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