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Is it safe to have sex durring a girls period?

i ask because a lotta girls get horny wile on there period. my gf is on her period and shes willing to have sex. i also here a lotta guys still do. aprt from the blood being a lil nasty or whatever is it safe? should i where a condom or is it safe to not wear one? is it safe if she bleeds on me? also not that i would do it because i mos def wont but is it harmful to give oral sex durring her period? i must also ask can u get sick from it? and lastly my gf has something wrong with her blood. i forget what its called but basically she feels tired sometimes and maybe a lil sick because she has a shortage of red blood cells? so is sex durring her period safe?harmfull? or anything alonge thease lines? your answers are much appriciated!and please no bs if your just gonna diss or whatever then dont answer! thankx

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    Yes its safe to have sex (even with your girlfriends condition-sounds like she's anemic) while she is having her period. Wear a condom because a girl can get pregnant at any time. No it won't hurt you if she bleeds on you-wash it off. It isn't necessarily harmful to give her oral, some people actually enjoy it. I think it is a bit much personally but I have heard of people doing it and liking it. If is definitely easier to pass virus' this way because you are technically eating the lining of her uterus-but hey some people eat the placenta after the baby is born so I guess if your into it then go for it.

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    Safe sex practices dictate the use of a condom. Even though pregnancy is not likely when the girl is menstruating, diseases are still possible unless you both know you have no std's. The only other risk involved is the mess. Be sure to lay a towel down on the bed so as not to stain the mattress (it will soak through the sheets and get there) or do it in the shower. Your girlfriend's anemia doesn't affect her ability to be active. It just makes her feel physically bad. She should boost her iron intake to help, especially during her cycle. The blood loss during her cycle only makes the anemia worse.

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    As long as she doesn't have AIDS or any other blood borne diseases, it is as safe for you as having sex any other time would be. It sounds like the disease your girlfriend has is some kind of anemia, and that is not something you can catch, so don't worry about that.

    I would recommend using a condom if she is not on birth control pills, because while it is unlikely, a woman can still get pregnant while on her period.

    It won't hurt you to give her oral during this time, but I can't really see wanting to. If you are going to, perhaps a quick wash beforehand, and staying in the 'upper areas' is called for in that case.

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    is it safe? no she can still get pregnant because she still has other eggs in there

    should i where a condom or is it safe to not wear one? wear one, trust me just to be safe

    is it safe if she bleeds on me? it's perfectly safe, it's just up too you if you mind the blood

    is it harmful to give oral sex durring her period? well other than dieasses no, but it's gross.

    i must also ask can u get sick from it? there's always a possability

    so is sex durring her period safe?harmfull? or anything alonge thease lines? well you didn't really say what she has so can't tell you some info on that, but you should do some research on that just to see what your dealing with.

    well hope this helped!

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  • Anonymous
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    The usual pregnancy and disease prevention stuff applies, of course, and you have to be willing to clean up any messes that you might make.... but as long as that's something you're both OK with, *everything* you might do at other times is OK during a woman's period... including oral, and I've done that with many of my girlfriends *and* with both of the women I married.

    Many women are at their horniest and most responsive then, and orgasms can reduce or eliminate period cramps.

    Getting sick??? Nope, not if she's got no diseases there.

    Fresh menstrual blood is actually more sanitary than your own *breath*.

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    One thing to consider is that she might still become pregnant if you don't wear a condom or if she's not on birth control. Another thing, don't do it that often, a backup of the blood can actually cause a severe infection that could be fatal to her health, dont' do it a lot... once or twice is okay. Also, she sounds kind of anemic, she might want to try taking more iron.

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    It is perfectly safe to have sex during the menstral cycle. It is also important to still wear a condom. Anemia is the shortage of red blood cells you are referring too...

  • Anonymous
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    make sure u wear a condom if u have sex while she's on her period. Also giving oral to a girl on her period is called earning ur red wings, and believe me u don't want that. It's just GROSS! blech

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    Its still possible for her to get pregnant from it, but its a lower risk than usual. You should still wear a condom because of that reason. Use a towel underneath cuz it will be a nasty mess everywhere. beware.

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    always wear a condom, it is safe, just a bit gross... I'd stay away from it if I were you... in the shower, don't use water that is too hot and can vaporize the blood... it gets pretty potent...

    not really into it though. rather wait it out.

    And I say wear a condom to prevent having pregnancy slip ups... not just as a raincoat...

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