physics project about Renewable energy resources?

I was given this project about renewable energy where i have to choose one the following energies: solar, wind, water or biomass. I was thinking that the most chosen will be the solar and wind and water so i decided to use biomass. Now i have to answer the following questions:

Where does the energu come from?

How is the energy captured or produced?

What technology (devices or machinery) is used? Briefly explain how it works.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the energy resources.

Can you please give me some information about each or at least just the most important points. Project must be about 4-6 pages and i m going to use powerpoint.

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    Biomass is the excreta/dead remains of living things.

    There are projects in some countries (notably India) called biogas plants. Dead remains and stools of animals are compressed in a machine by layering them on top of each other. Anaerobic thrive in them and methane is released through a pipeline, which can be used for household purposes.

    The main and obvious advantage is that biomass is renewable. Also, after a one-time setup, the maintenance for this project is minimal. All you need to do is to add the wastes in to the system.

    A disadvantage is that a single household does not generally produce enough waste to run an entire plant by itself. This problem is usually overcome by setting up community plants among 10-15 households. But again, this can give rise to management issues.

    Also, this cannot be used in major cities and metropolises because their drainage system will need to be overhauled for this. But it is quite an effective system for rural areas, remote villages and ranches, where there is plenty of cattle waste, along with human excreta.

    Source(s): Both links are quite useful. Long live wikipedia!
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