How expensive is Prague these days?

How much is the average rent for a small apartment in Prague these days? all I can find on the internet are tourist/business lets, which are always so expensive.

For one reason and another, I may have to leave the Netherlands soon, and was thinking of heading east. I've met so many Czechs in Western Europe in the last few years, I thought maybe Prague was empty :)

What's the cost of living like - nothing extravagant, maybe a 2 bedroom apartment, and living reasonably frugally.

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    A 40-50 m2 appartment cost around 12-15.000 CZK per month (near city center - Prague 2, 3, 6, 7, etc.), it might be even 30.000 CZK if it is in the center of Prague. A cost for food (eating home) is around 5 to 7.000 per month, one dinner out for two around 600 - 1.000 CZK (can be of course 5.000 CZK depending on the place). other costs like transportation and so on can be more 2.000-4.000 crowns.

    Check this:

    Hope this helps ;) Do not hesitate to ask more :)

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